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Fire Control Directors - FSC 1210

Last Modified: Feb 21, 2019

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Camera Head Assembl 2928030G1
Sync Circuits 2928021G1
Horiz0ntal Amplifie 2928038G1
Bracket 351596PC1
Bracket 351653PC1
Shield 513103
Switch And Cable As 3766
Trigger, Right Hand 231995
Lever, Right Hand 659920
Integrator Assembly 861599PC3
Integrator Assembly 861599PC4
Contact And Screw A LD257240PC18
Wrench Assembly LD262831PC11
Generator Assembly 697156
Window 110320PC1
Tape, Marking 325290PC5
Bracket, Power 325340PC1
Director, Gun SK61838
Sight, Slewing LD91474
Director, Gun SK139138
Director, Gun SK139148
Director, Gun SK166099
Lever 80695PC4
Stop 263333PC4
Bumper 513356PC5
Collar T9161663PC4
Plate 654570
Plate 654573
Valve 654597
Arm 818777REVC
Coupling 765884REVA2
Sine And Cosine Ass 862292
Sine And Cosine Ass 862294
Heater Assembly 1130822
Nozzle 1220735
Universal Assembly 1332634
Element, Heater 1332637REVE
Element, Heater 1332639
Element, Heater 1332714
Element, Heater 1332716
Element, Heater 1332730REVD
Damper Assembly LD134004PC1
Handlebar Assembly LD257223PC69
Clip 554245
Tube, Terminal 325329PC2
Ring 417552PC3REVA
Ordnance Altertion 0RDALT6314
Amplifier 2086866
Board-assembly 2043051
Director, Torpedo MK37M0D1
Network, Circuit Ass BUWEPSLD544950
Differential Assemb 1266652
Cam, Director 1266642
Differential Assemb 1266640
Differential Assemb 1266641
Differential Assemb 1266639
Differential Assemb BUWEPSDWG1266631
Stop Limit Latitude 1266863
Stop Limit Coordina 1266864
Ratchet-shaft 1398467
Ratchet-shaft 1398466
Bumper 1130342
Frame Seat 1439951
Seat 1260279
Brace Seat 1260276
Keeper, Director 1398489
Pedestal, Director M 0S031210
Gear Set 811792AND202577PC2
Indicator 508162-6
Dial N Knob 508162PC11
Detent Assembly 687774
Mechanism Assy BUWEPSDWG862279
Finder, Submarine At SK13497
Shifter, Phase T7665492PC1
Slug, Insulation K7115665PC1
Servo Circuit 142D374PC1
Amplifier, Elevation 9071740PC1
Preamplifier, Preces 9741090PC1
Ordnance Alteration 0RDALT6672
Binocilar And Sight 517037
Control, Gun Directo LD290035
Hydraulic Power Sup 2618407G1
Ordnance Alteration 0RDALT6681
Body Assy 417244PC1
Block 417854PC3
Bushing 231385PC5
Bushing 234903-3
Block 231956PC4
Bracket 231381PC4
Bumper 231381-2
Buffer 165857PC6
Block 493908PC1
Bumper 417420PC3
Adapter 480957PC1
Bracket 239402PC1REVA
Bushing 194440PC2
Bracket Assembly 216781-90
Bracket 216781PC1
Bracket 216738-2
Bracket, Shaft 216703-1

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