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Fire Control Directors - FSC 1210

Last Modified: Jan 26, 2021

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Washer 212923PC19
Block, Contact 212941PC1
Arm, Contact 212941PC3
Washer 212956PC11
Ring Assembly 212966PC1
Sleeve And Gear 215722-2
Shaft, Fle, Ible 215749PC2
Casing, Metallic 215749PC3
Box Assembly 215754
Plate, Cover 215759PC4
Arm, Contact 216262PC1
Guide, Spring 216262PC2
Guide, Spring 216262PC3
Shaft, Input 216705PC7
Shaft, Input 216705PC8
Shaft, Input 216705PC9
Shaft, Input 216714PC5
Shaft, Input 216714PC6
Rod 216715PC3
Rod, Adjustable 216715PC4
Plug 216715PC5
Retainer, Plug 216715PC6
Shaft, Vertical 216722PC4
Support 216739-3
Wrench, Special B32653
Rivet, Lining 226630PC33
Bracket 230476PC5
Shaft, Pinion 231368-1
Shaft, Input 231383PC1
Shaft, Differential 231383PC2
Shaft, Hand Drive 231384PC1
Wheel 231396PC2
Gear And Shaft 231538PC2
Pinion 231574PC4
Clamp 231944PC3
Handle, Hatch 231945PC1
Latch 231977PC7
Shaft 231999PC6
Pinion, Train 234902PC1
Shaft, Pinion 234903-1
Shaft, Crank 234909PC1
Circle, Training 238055PC1
Housing 239405PC1
Housing, Left 239405PC2
Frame 247856PC1
Frame 247860PC1
Frame 247860PC2
Frame 247861PC1
Bar 247862PC3
Stop 247862PC7
Stop 247862PC11
Plate 247862PC12
Support Assembly, Se 247888PC91
Plate 249194PC5
Catch 249194PC11
Housing 254732PC1
Bracket, Clip 254732PC2
Clip, Retainer 254732PC3
Stop Assembly, Depre 262657PC1
Bracket 262659PC1
Magnet Assembly 262783PC1
Ring Assembly, Conta 262784PC8
Brush, Assembly, Elec 263163PC3
Button Assembly, Pus 263255-1
Calrod Assembly 263278PC5
Calrod Assembly 263278PC6
Calrod Assembly 263278PC7
Calrod Assembly 263278PC8
Slinger, Oil 263288PC69
Interlock 263295PC14
Disc, Friction 263306PC6
Clamp, Dial 268797PC2
Support, Index 268797PC8
Clamp, Motor 268798PC9
Shaft, Counter 269128PC2
Shaft, Counter 269128PC3
Hub, Coupling 269534PC5
Block Assembly, Term 270166PC6
Segment, Gear 270495-5
Grip, Gasket 270990PC8
Washer 273782PC35
Coil, Field V5837382AA
Lever 279650PC1
Mechanism, Drive 280258
Support Assembly 280288PC6
Support Assembly 280288PC7
Amplifier 297717PC1
Latching Mechanism T8251972PC1
Tube And Insulation 297844PC95
Coil 297890PC43
Coil 297954PC52
Stator, Winding 297955PC31
Window 298169PC117
Pinion 315761PC2
Wheel, Worm 319307PC6
Switch 319314PC1
Plate, Tube 319599PC2
Gear, Coupling 319627PC7
Shaft, Fle, Ible 319628PC9
Spring 319631PC14

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