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Fire Control Directors - FSC 1210

Last Modified: Jul 07, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Plate 319646PC9
Plate 319646PC10
Contact Unit 319812PC1
Bracket 319995PC1
Hinge, Half 320028PC4
Switch Assembly, Transfer 320037PC1
Track Assembly 320054
Plate, Cover 323632PC5
Cable 323672PC5
Plate, Cover 323775PC1
Cover Assembly 325269PC1
Plate, Circular 325281PC1
Collar, Stop 325287PC1REVB
Weight Assembly 325289PC1
Weight Assembly 325289PC2
Cover 325290PC2REVC
Ring 325294PC1
Bushing And Case As 325314PC4
Horn Assembly 325315PC1
Frame Assembly 325316PC1
Bracket 325322PC2
Bail, Lifting 325332PC1
Handle Assembly, Ran 325340PC2
Washer 325452PC7
Damper And Perch As 325479PC1
Hub, Clutch 325488PC3
Box 325761PC1
Key And Frame Assem 325775PC1
Marker 325793PC3
Collar Assembly, Sha 325795PC4
Bellows Assembly 325802PC1
Housing 325850PC3
Strip, Backing 326051PC4
Strip, Backing 326051PC5
Frame Assembly 326054PC1
Marker 326064PC1
Marker 326064PC2
Marker 326064PC3
Plate 326064PC6
Marker 326065PC2
Marker 326065PC3
Plate 246226B
Shaft Assembly 326156PC1
Insulation 351259PC10
Station, Push Button 351280PC10
Contact Assy, Electr 351818PC1
Contact 351818PC2
Coil, Deflection 394085PC1
Cap, Spring 394105PC6
Kit, Change 394126
Holder, Brush 401499PC10
Bracket 402085PC4
Gear And Shaft, Worm 402213PC3
Adapter 402245PC9
Coil, Secondary 416924PC14
Plate 416945PC2
Disc 416950PC6
Post 416954PC4
Cap 416958PC5
Hub 416967PC4
Coil And Stator Ass 416973PC2
Liner 416987PC2
Gear And Shaft, Spur 417006PC3
Hanger 417007PC3
Adapter 417011PC3
Hub 417014PC1
Adapter 417017PC1
Plate 417017PC4
Wire, Silver Plated 417022PC5
Block 417022PC6
Disc, Friction 417031PC3
Hub 417037PC2
Bezel 417042PC4
Disc, Friction 417047PC7
Head Assembly, Valve 417058PC1
Rod Assembly 417061PC1
Eccentric 417061PC3
Dryer Assembly 417063PC1
Dryer Head 417069PC1
Housing, Foot 417070PC2
Bracket Assembly, Be 417290PC1
Plate 417292PC1
Bracket Assembly 417307PC4
Handle 417312PC1
Hub 417330PC8
Segment, Worm 417340PC3
Strip, Mounting 417344PC3
Tag, Wire 417360PC4
Tag, Wire 417360PC5
Slide 417368PC2
Support, Sight 417376PC1
Bracket Assembly 417539PC1
Spring, Disc 417540PC4
Latch Assembly 417613PC1
Arm And Bearing Ass 417661PC1
Plate 417854PC8
Roller 417855PC7
Reset 426142PC5
Bracket 426241PC1
Coupling Assembly 426318PC1

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