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Fire Control Directors - FSC 1210

Last Modified: Jul 06, 2020

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Coupling Assembly 426373PC1
Roller 426756PC1
Plate 427978PC3
Connector, Plug 466530PC1
Band 466530PC9
Guard 478288
Insert 480828PC8
Post 480846PC2
Support, Heater 493603PC6
Cap 493623PC2
Plate 493637PC7
Plate, Circular T8366814-1
Stop, Rubber 493651PC5
Plate, Pressure 493904PC3
Sight, Peep 493905PC5
Support 493906PC7
Guide 493911PC2
Handlebar Assembly 493921PC1
Liner, Bottom 493922PC2
Liner, Side 493922PC4
Liner, End 493922PC5
Plate, Top 493923PC2
Plate, Spring 493923PC4
Holder 493932PC4
Ring 493933PC3
Wheel, Detent 494225PC2
Plate 494235PC3
Strip 494236PC5
Push Button Station 500300
Platform Assembly 510516
Bracket 511080PC3
Bracket 549264PC5
Guide Pin Assembly 549264PC6
Collar 588432PC9
Terminal 588454PC10
Seal, Oil 588487PC8
Connector 588889PC1
Connector 588899PC1
Connector 588900PC1
Bar And Level Assem 588944-1
Spring 589042PC6
Gear Assembly 591092PC5
Plug 591093PC3
Rotor Assembly 247758
Marker Assembly 591102PC3
Weight Assembly 591217PC1
Body 591331PC1
Spring 654554
Rotor Assembly 654586
Coupling Assy 245390
Arm, Wiper 664000PC1
Blade, Wiper 664000PC2
Ring, Clutch 664003PC2
Mount, Spring 664003PC3
Plate Assembly 664003PC6
Disc, Coupling 664003PC9
Roller Unit Assy 680236PC1
Cap 290196
Cap 290200
Gimbal Assembly 687483
Cover Assembly 687488
Weight Assembly 687719
Weight Assembly 687720
Bracket 687881
Weight 689221
Weight 689222
Bar 689223
Bracket 698089PC1
Pointer K9657868
Follower, Cam 699946
Diaphram 702912
Damper Assembly 710196
Hoist Assembly 710262
Handle Assembly Lef 806685
Stop Assy 861555
Gear And Pin 869238
Index Assy 881516
Motor Assembly 889297
Shaft Assy, Fle, Ible 960872
Pinion And Pin 964802
Window 988225
Cam Assy, Adjustable 1104466
Seal 2166-63
Slewing, Sight 143D799
Roller Assembly LD256792PC22
Worm And Wormwheel LD257223PC20
Bracket Assembly LD257223PC32
Gear Bracket Assemb LD257223PC33
Control LD257223PC34
Bracket Assembly LD257223PC35
Gear And Spacer LD257223PC36
Damper Assembly LD257223PC42
Damper Assembly LD257223PC44
Detent Assy, Elevati LD257223PC49
Table Assembly LD257223PC65
Gear And Hub LD257223PC72
Frame Assy LD257238PC14
Frame Assy LD257238PC15
Frame Assy LD257238PC17
Gear And Post Assem LD257240PC12

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