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Fire Control Directors - FSC 1210

Last Modified: Jan 15, 2021

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Arm Assembly LD257240PC15
Differential Assemb LD257240PC23
Differential Assemb LD257240PC24
Differential Assemb LD257240PC25
Differential Assemb LD257240PC26
Differential Assemb LD257240PC27
Differential Assemb LD257240PC28
Gear And Hub LD257240PC38
Dial And Hub Assy LD260617PC45
Dial And Hub Assy LD260617PC46
Chain And Cover LD260691PC8
Lever And Hub LD260691PC46
Handcrank Assembly LD260691PC57
Handcrank Assembly LD260691PC58
Handcrank Assembly LD260691PC60
Cover Assembly LD260693PC5
Cover Assembly LD260693PC6
Contact Assembly LD261503PC35
Worm And Wormwheel LD261524PC44
Worm And Wormwheel LD261524PC46
Worm And Wormwheel LD261524PC48
Worm And Wormwheel LD261524PC49
Worm And Wormwheel LD261524PC50
Worm And Wormwheel LD261524PC64
Worm And Wormwheel LD261524PC69
Gear Set, Worm LD261524PC72
Gear Set, Worm LD262831PC15
Gear Set, Bevel LD262831PC31
Gear Set, Bevel LD262831PC39
Worm And Wormwheel LD262831PC44
Worm And Wormwheel LD262831PC45
Worm And Wormwheel LD262837PC1
Gear Box Assembly LD262841
Gear Box Assembly LD262842
Gear Box Assembly LD262848
Unit, Synchro Supply SK93444
Lightwell Assy LD103997
Follow Up Assy SK104015
Director, Gun SK104522PC2
Support SK118214PC4
Plate SK118214PC10
Plate SK118214PC11
Handle 168999PC51
Stop Assembly 488581
Box Assembly 607182
Adapter 654627
Pin 1171380
Piston 1236993
Cylinder 1357881
Shaft, Input 216705PC3
Spring 110172PC12
Control Assy 195029
Spring 276018PC4
Gear Assy 399533PC1
Gear Assy 399534PC1
Coupling Assy 554240PC90
Spring 969129
Differential Assy LD167990PC33
Roller Assy LD261489PC1
Contact Assy LD261493PC52
Corrector, Gun Order SK106084
Corrector, Gun Order SK106085
Retainer, Ball 183813PC6
Ring 195117PC1
Plate 195138
Index 222054PC6
Spring 263224PC11
Stop Assy 281119PC3
Disc, Friction 285957PC3
Indicator Assemblyx SK107554
Cover Assembly 325270PC1
Shaft 325308PC2
Slide 325320PC5
Ring 325329PC1
Retainer 325336PC4
Plate 325446PC2
Box 325455PC1
Bracket Assembly 199553
Bracket Assembly 325477PC3
Seal 325491PC3
Bracket 417552PC4
Cover Rear 687486
Disc, Brake 263324PC8
Cover, Gun Fire Cont LD105580
Cover, Gun Director SK132805
Cable Assembly, Power, Electrical 736012
Holder, Brush 219434-1
Head Assy, Contact 269935-1
Separator 506444PC1
Adapter, Flange 486918
Amplifier 417500
Washer 132479PC8
Spacer 194820PC2
Strip, Curved 202538PC1
Spacer 215726-10
Spacer 216704-13
Plunger, Buffer 217496PC1
Spacer 234903-6
Shaft, Input Gear 234909PC5
Track Assembly 246070

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