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Fire Control Directors - FSC 1210

Last Modified: Oct 01, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Spacer 247868-3
Machining Assembly 263054PC2
Retainer, Window 298189PC7
Interlocking Mechan 319492PC4
Spacer 325453PC2
Differential Assemb 351807PC1
Washer 401694PC3
Key Assembly, Firing 416911PC90
Spacer 417014PC2
Backing, Block 417028PC2
Adapter And Socket 417435PC1
Slide Assembly 417625PC5
Damper Assembly, Tra 493939PC90
Guard 274271
Driver, Clutch Plate 664003PC5
Mount Assembly, Bino T9173300-1
Gear And Hub 680323
Dial And Hub 680349
Dial And Hub 680351
Washer, Spring 684309
Spring K9396268
Oiling Kit, Gyro 984309PC1
Window 168B882
Error Limit 998089
Gear Set, Bevel LD261524PC66
Damper Assembly, Tra SK139143
Support Assembly SK139145
Director, Gun SK166034
Rate Computer 661988
Stud, Threaded 654006PC1
Sight 679741
Plate, Lug 166374PC89
Washer, Spring 212923PC14
Spring, Retaining 265103PC35
Ordnance Alteration 0RDALT7102
Output Drive Assemb 1213150
Input Drive Assembl 1213138
Ordnance Alteration 0RDALT6699
Visor, Canopy 1229114
Cross, Connection As 2618360GR1
Ordnance Alteration 0RDALT6762
Ordnance Alteration 0RDALT6806
Arm 202593-7
Seal Assy, Telescope LD411554
Modulator Assy 995405
Window Set 0S027298
Window Set 0S027299
Window Set 0S027301
Window Set 0S027303
Rack, Ball 5176254
Roller 5176987
Cam, Adjustment 163B5661
Stable Gyro Assy T9886271
Amplifier 1312384
Director, Attack LD273421
Rod 861578PC20
Rod 861578PC51
Rod 861578PC97
Rod 861578PC136
Terminal 948060
Terminal 948062
Handle 521081
Seal D3-4795-6136
Seal 1213305
Box, Switch And Dist LD411075
Control, Illuminatio 1468898
Amplifier LD133134
Amplifier LD292540
Terminal Board Assy T9160719PC1
Brush Assy, Block 1648635
Brush Assy, Block 1648636
Brush Assy, Block 675024
Brush Assy, Block 1648638
Brush Assy, Block 675089
Brush Assy, Block 675074
Brush Assy, Coax 1768627
Guide Assy, Rack 861588
Ring Gear And Beari 15076
Heater LD414223
Shield And Wire Ass 1648622
Switch Assy, Train LD167992PC1
Switch Assy, Cross L LD167992PC2
Diaphragm 969160
Worm 215751PC1
Spacer 1648614
Ring And Cable 1648615
Ring And Wire Assy 1648633
Waveguide Assy 675082
Strip, Ground 1648657
Plate 675044
Platform, Tilting 1696640
Switch, Selector SK94551
Heater Assembly 523882-2
Bushing 202552PC3
Gear, Spiral, Bevel 417048PC3
Guide 417657PC1
Defrosterheater Sub 426928PC1
Defrosterheater Sub 2A344
Switch, Selector SK107542
Ring And Shield 1648611PC1

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