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Fire Control Directors - FSC 1210

Last Modified: Jan 23, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Ring And Shield 1648611PC2
Ring And Shield 1648611PC3
Director, Attack Mk5 0S031128
Amplifier 1366792
Ordalt Set AS3566
Amplifier 1473331G1
Amplifier, Gyro 1473340
Amplifier 1473353
Amplifier 1473354
Coupling, Fle, Ible 1587159
Coupling, Fle, Ible 1596612REVD
Coupling, Fle, Ible 1596767
Board Assy, Printed 1626556
Board Assy, Printed 1626558
Board Assy, Printed 1626559REVC
Board Assy, Printed 1626561
Board Assy, Printed 1626563
Board Assy, Printed 1626566
Board Assy, Printed 1626567
Board Assy, Printed 1626568REV5
Board Assy, Printed 1626569
Board Assy, Printed 1626571
Board Assy, Printed 1626573
Board Assy, Printed 1626574
Board Assy, Printed 1626576
Board Assy, Print 1626577
Board Assy, Printed 1626579REVC
Board Assy, Printed 1626583
Board Assy, Printed 1626586REVD
Board Assy, Printed 1626587
Board Assy, Printed 1626589
Board Assy, Printed 1626593
Indicator, Time 459345
Blower And Motor 1473321
Brake Assy, Train 1473389
Brake Assy, Elevatio 1473391
Dial 1596785P1
Brush Holder Assy 1626624G1
Retainer, Spring 1682250
Body Assy 6181545
Amplifier, Cross Lev 1473408
Holder, Brush 265A826
Coupling, Mg Set 155A729P19
Control Unit, Direct LD534471
Boot, Dust Seal 1596814
Amplifier 177D309
Brush Rigging Assem 1473752PC24
Stator, Train Motor 558D262PC26
Buffer, Hydraulic 1473714
Pump, Rotary 1626839
Coupling, Shaft Fle, 1775874
Board Assy 1286685
Director, Gun LD411942
Ball Assy 1626851
Switch 1626899
Board Assembly 1626887
Drill Jig 997944
Slip Ring Assembly LD494550
Scale 1798437
Restorer LD288124
Network, Comparator 1439488
Scale, Cathode 1439480REVG
Scale, Cathode 1439478
Coil, Curren Limitin 1005479PC1
Elevation Input Ass 1735676
Cushion, Foam Rubber 0S027324
Cover, Plastic Seat 0S027323
Integrator Assy 861599-14
Integrator Assy 861599-13
Integrator Assy 861599PC11
Clamp Assy 954244
Jumper Assy 226626PC8
Panel, Control 263295PC2
Cap 263338PC9
Holder 521205
Clamp 664232PC4
Handle 687723
Pin And Rack BUWEPSDWG861572
Rod And Rack Assy 861587PC2
Gear And Hub Assy 954400PC100
Gear And Hub Assy 954400PC192
Gear And Hub Assy 954401PC54
Gear And Hub Assy 954401PC90
Gear And Hub Assy 954401PC96
Gear And Hub Assy 954401PC100
Gear And Hub Assy 954401PC108
Gear And Hub Assy 954401PC192
Indicator Assy 954414
Switch 0S024637
Gear 164042PC1
Handle, 63 Deg 8Z1113PC2
Nylon Cover SK131910REVB
Cover, Fire Control Instrument 440762
Nylon Cover 664018PC1REVD
Nylon Cover LD105842REVA
Hood Assy 1998163
Spring S7300
Ejector X342
Nylon Cover LD133999ITEM1REVA
Valve 2076559

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