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Fire Control Directors - FSC 1210

Last Modified: Jul 09, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Board Assembly LD534498
Board Assembly LD534499
Amplifier 1473340PC2
Amplifier 2063530
Amplifier 1473346PC2
Board Ay LD534486
Board Ay LD534487
Board Ay 2086848PC1
Board Ay 2086847PC1
Board Ay LD534497
Board Ay LD534496
Board Ay LD534495
Amplifier LD517920
Board Ay LD534494
Vernistat 1569115
Vernistat 1569114
Vernistat 1569113
Vernistat 1569110
Vernistat 1569111
Vernistat 1569116
Heat E, Changer 2143238
Heat E, Changer BUWEPSDWG2143281
Director, Attack MK5M0D5
Ordnance Alteration 0RDALT6422
Amplifier, Summing 3161380G1
Amplifier, Summing 3161381G1
Level Detector 3161384G1
Amplifier, Summing 3161385G1
Amplifier, Summing 3161397G1
Gyro Spring Amplifier 3161678
Amplifier Power Section 3161679
Amplifier, Summing 3161382G1
Gyro Interface 3161681
Amplifier, Test 3161383G1
Gasket And Spacer A 2659048G1
Gasket And Spacer A 2659048G2
Gasket And Spacer A 2659051G1
Extractor Assembly 2466205G1
Spring Assembly, Ext 2805825G1
Spring Assembly, Ext 2805825G2
Spring Assembly, Ext 2805825G3
Extractor, Module As 2296007G1
Seat, Pony 12Z12080-1
Cover, Plug, Simulato 5586849
Panel, Interconn 5586890
Module, Telcon 5586788
Console Gun Control 2993658
Console Weapon 3279484
Console Weapon Cont 5864346
Console Weapon Cont 5502408
Console Control 5502388
Console Control 5864427
Console Control 5864428
Console Control 5864333
Console Control 5361384
Console Control 3279594
Console Control 2993657
Heating Element, Defroster 376060-1
Gearbox Assy, Synchro 1328767
Gear, Fire Control 1235053
Shutter, Fire Control 689975-1
Shutter, Fire Control 689975-2
Retainer Assy, Fire Control 780356
Tape Assy, Slide, Fire Control 763831
Insulator, Fire Control 1223993-2
Insulator, Fire Control 1223993-1
Spacer, Power, Fire Control 1223992
Indicator Assy, Compliance 1348334
Barbette Assy, Fire Control 1341388
Seal, Telescope 1289384
Seal, Telescope 1472869
Train Synchro Unit 690132
Ring-cable Assembly 1223996
Designation Servo 1344519
Director, Gun LD298863
Gear And Pinion Ass 1446496
Seal, Telescope 1289385
Seal, Telescope 1472870
Gear And Hub Assy 763501
Base Shipping 5526535
Gun Director SK00233
Gun Director 05030750
Cover, Fire Control Instrument 510214
Alteration Kit, Ordnance 6188658-102
Alteration Kit, Ordnance 6188653-102
Alteration Kit, Ordnance 6188648-101
Alteration Kit, Ordnance 6188654-102
Alteration Kit, Ordnance 6188646-102
Alteration Kit, Ordnance 6188650-101

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