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Fire Control Directors - FSC 1210

Last Modified: Jan 15, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Bracket 215791PC1
Bracket 215793PC1
Bracket 215785PC1
Bracket 215772PC1
Gear Set, Bevel 215743PC90
Bracket, Gear 215742PC1
Bracket, Gear 215716-1
Bracket 215710PC1
Adapter 417006PC1
Arc 164028PC1
Boss 245308
Bracket 202542PC2
Bracket, Hinge 202547PC2
Bracket 202565PC1
Bracket 202590-1
Bracket, Worm 202598-1
Buffer 202548PC8
Arm 417411PC2
Adapter 416946PC7
Arm 416954PC3
Arm 202593PC3
Bar, Locating 202564PC3
Bar-guide 202553PC6
Ball 654845
Arm 654581
Arm 202593-6
Adapter 416950PC5
Adapter 416959PC11
Adapter 416959PC12
Arm 168066PC5
Arm 231956PC1
Bar 247862PC6
Bar 247862PC2
Bar 231918PC7
Bar, Seat Adjusting 231918PC6
Bar 216739-4
Bezel 247860PC3
Bezel 247859PC2
Bezel 247856PC2
Bracket 237811-5
Bracket, Worm Gear 234901-1
Bracket 231961-1
Bracket 231945PC3
Belt 493636PC3
Adjuster, Spring 234910PC5
Arm 231956PC2
Bracket, Seat 132479-3
Adapter 417301PC2
Arm And Contact Ass 219526PC4
Segment 109821PC2
Segment 109821PC3
Segment 109821PC4
Training Circle 168018PC1
Gear 164169PC1
Gear 164038PC4
Gear 164034PC3
Gear 164034PC1
Plunger 164020PC3
Plate 168072PC9
Plate 168072PC8
Hub 168072PC7
Detent 170185PC11
Cylinder 170185PC13
Cylinder 170185PC14
Guide 180195PC9
Retainer 177014PC70
Retainer 177014PC59
Retainer 177014PC49
Ordnance Alteration 0RDALT6678
Gear And Roller 194441PC6REVC
Gear 194442PC1
Race 194442PC2
Intecrator 186040
Scale 186042PC1
Handle, Lever 263336PC1
Frame 262735PC1
Mount 262655
Plate 262719PC2
Spring 177204PC2
Index 262789PC4
Plate 194811PC8
Shaft, Roller 268972PC1
Clutch 269018PC3
Gear 194819PC14
Plate 270989-8
Plate 268797PC7
Gear 270232-4
Leveling Ring, Lower 664308-6
Gear And Hub Assy 701067
Gear And Shaft Asse 113466
Post 417016PC1
Ring 417298PC1
Housing 493614PC4
Detent Assembly 493632PC90
Post 194811PC7
Post 218936PC2
Adapter 416946PC6
Post 417043PC5
Stop 554325
Differential 585912

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