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Fire Control Directors - FSC 1210

Last Modified: Jan 15, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Bracket 654633
Cover 708202
Stop 554325PC2
Plate 270990PC2
Fitting 815307
Ratchet And Chain A 655751
Mounting, Roller 193682PC5REVB
Roller Assembly 193682PC4
Case And Cover 285914
Retainer 298188PC7
Shaft 323624PC2
Support 323627PC1
Bracket Assembly 323628PC1
Rack- 315761PC1
Wheel Worm 319307PC5
Handle 319312PC1
Interlock Assembly 319492PC2
Extension 319715PC8
Cover 319962PC1
Box Gear 323242PC1
Box-gear 323292PC1
Support, Weight 323300PC2
Connection 323300PC3
Mount 323304PC4
Cover 323303PC4
Housing, Box 323308PC1
Cover, Box 323309PC1
Plate 323484PC2
Weight Assembly 326142PC1
Diaphragm 351812PC4
Clevis Assembly 351816PC3
Detent Assembly 325957PC1
Detent Assembly 325958PC1
Idler Assembly 325274PC2
Shaft Assembly, Idle 325275PC2
Idler Assembly 325277PC1
Firing Key And Fram 325279PC1
Coupling Assembly 325778PC3
Hub 325784PC4
Strip 325796PC1
Plate 325802PC3
Bracket Assembly 325803PC3
Gear 811017
Gear Assy 399541PC4
Stop Assembly 325287-2REVB
Handle 325288PC1
Bracket 325290PC3REVC7
Coupling Assembly 325769PC1
Coupling Assembly 325769PC2
Ring 325294PC2
Differential Assemb 401550PC1
Differential 401552PC1
Holder Assembly 401650PC1
Differential Assemb 401834PC2
Plate 325302PC1
Plate 325302PC3
Hub 325306PC1
Pointer 325306PC4
Clamp 325307PC3
Housing 325313PC2
Bracket Assembly 325314PC1
Detent Assembly 325314PC2
Bracket 325323PC1
Detent 416967PC5
Plate 416967PC7
Plate 416974PC3
Plate 416975PC3
Segment, Gear 416988PC5
Weight 416995PC3
Plate 417009
Post 417014PC3
Plate 417016PC9
Plate 417017PC2
Post 417017PC3
Plate 417020PC2
Plate 417020PC6REVA
Weight 417038PC9
Ring 417040PC7
Hanger 417043PC6REVB
Reflector 417043PC9
Rod 417043PC10
Disc 417048PC5
Support 417551PC1
Flange 417022PC4
Plate 417037PC6
Case 416934
Strip 416941PC6
Indicator 416947PC4
Post 416954PC10REVA
Liner 416956PC3
Housing 416957PC1
Indicator 416958PC1
Plate 416960PC2
Plate 417703PC7
Housing 202572-2
Weight 417607PC1
Weight 417608PC1
Housing 202584PC1
Shaft 202586PC5
Lever 202587PC1

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