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Fire Control Directors - FSC 1210

Last Modified: Oct 01, 2020

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Gear 202588PC1
Clamp 417507PC12
Weight 417655PC1
Weight 417656PC1
Jumper 417662PC1
Weight 417666PC1
Wormwheel 202541PC2
Air Tubes 417252-1
Plate 417268PC1
Cap 417294PC1
Frame 202544PC1
Stop 202552PC2
Clip 202563PC1
Plate 202573PC5
Bracket 325331PC3
Case 325334PC1
Handwheel Assembly 417303PC2
Plate Assy 417324PC9
Stand 417365PC1
Detent Assembly 417369PC1
Support Assembly 417461PC2
Perch Assembly 591097PC1
Cage Assembly 591098PC1
Cover Assembly 591098PC2
Case 591100PC1
Gear Assy 637540
Stop 637581
Bellows And Sleeve 640704
Spacer 654558
Bracket 654580
Nozzle 654582
Weight 654585
Spring 654592
Bracket 654634
Detent 654641
Shaft 654642
Bracket 245144
Eccentric 654644
Spring And Stop Ass 231562
Reflector 422943PC2
Reflector 422943PC3
Plate 422944PC1
Collar, Support 215768PC4
Disc, Coupling 215768PC3
Lever, Shifting 215781PC1
Gear 215781PC2
Gear 215781PC6
Rod End 246043PC1
Step, Lower 256274PC1
Piston 426975PC3
Damper Assembly 426975PC5
Shield Assembly, Win 480520
Stop 480844PC5
Plate 480847PC1
Handle 480827
Stop 480844PC7
Stop Assembly 493603PC1
Collar 493606PC1
Collar 493606PC2
Body 493632PC4
Stiffener 493633PC3
Support 493633PC6
Plate 493634PC1
Slide 493636PC4
Support 493906PC8
Channel 493907PC1
Support 493908PC4
Plate 493910PC5
Plate 493910PC6
Ring 493911PC1
Weight 493916PC2
Weight 493916PC3
Weight 493917PC1
Weight 493917PC2
Weight 493917PC3
Weight 493917PC4
Counterweight 493917PC5
Weight 493917PC6
Strip 494235PC4
Retainer 494240PC3
Idler Assembly 494241
Retainer 494241PC1
Plate, Stop 494241PC2
Disc 494241PC3
Disc 494241PC4
Stand 494241PC5
Shaft, Coupling 215782PC1
Shaft, Shifting 215782PC3
Support 215788PC1
Gear 215789PC5
Sector, Gear 215789PC6
Shaft 215798PC3
Shaft, Lever 215799PC1
Holder Assembly 481280PC2
Stand 493617PC4
Ring 493621PC1
Ring 493621PC2
Trunnion Assembly 493642
Support 493651PC4
Support 493651PC6

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