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Fire Control Directors - FSC 1210

Last Modified: Jul 09, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Ring 493652PC4
Tube 493924PC1
Yoke Assembly 500645PC1
Guard Assembly 507274PC2
Support 591094PC2
Case Assembly 591095PC1
Cover Assembly 591096PC1
Ring 231944PC1
Housing 231956PC3
Head 231957-3
Crank 231962-1
Casing 231962-4
Cap 231962-5
Lever 231963PC1
Spacer 234903-2
Sleeve 234909PC7
Housing 234909-8
Plunger 234909PC9
Support, Spring 234910PC4
Deflector 247865PC12
Support 247866PC1
Tube 231963-1
Plate 247888-3
Bracket 215751PC8
Cover, Trunnion 215753PC3
Plate 215759PC3
Gear 215761PC1
Gear 215761PC3
Gear 215762PC1
Shaft, Gear 215762PC2
Housing 246018PC1
Joint 246026PC5REVB
Structure 246030
Gear 249140PC5
Tube 252647PC1
Hatch, Access 216738-1
Guard 216739PC1
Stop SK91799
Housing 216778-1
Housing 216778PC2REVS2
Cover 216778PC3
Gear And Hub Assemb LD256777PC2
Roller And Shaft As LD256786PC1
Gear And Hub Assemb LD256792PC2
Gear And Hub Assemb LD256792PC3
Gear 216060PC1
Sleeve 216708PC3
Sleeve 216708-4
Coupling Assembly 216708ITEM91
Housing Assembly 216713
Post 654818
Spring Assembly 279807
Shaft 216714PC4
Sleeve 216715PC1
Gib 216715PC8
Gear 216719PC1
Housing 216721PC1
Gear 215705PC1
Sleeve 215709-5
Spring 226630PC20
Housing 215727PC2
Gear 215731PC3
Plate 215741PC7
Gear 215742PC3
Gear Set 215742PC90
Housing 215743PC1
Gear 215743PC2
Gear 215743PC4
Carriage Assembly 215748
Guide 215749PC4
Housing 231391PC1
Guide 231392PC3
Collar 231392PC4
Spring 231392PC5
Spring 231392PC9
Gear 231395PC6
Stop 231396PC4
Stop 231396PC5
Gear 219223PC4
Optical Box 231914PC90
Guard 231918PC1
Seatguard 231918PC4
Cylinder 237810-1
Cylinder 237810PC2
Tank 237810-3
Rod 237811-1
Piston 237811-2
Cap 237811-3
Stop Assy 237812
Seat 247888PC90
Coupling Assembly 216708PC90
Plate And Pointer 679377PC1
Roller Assembly 164046PC90
Gear And Post Assem LD257240PC11
Roller And Separato 216798PC90
Dowel Assembly 177014PC53
Pin 215750PC9
Pin 216768-9
Bolt-shoulder 117395PC4
Pin 245146

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