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Fire Control Directors - FSC 1210

Last Modified: Jul 08, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Support 202593-1
Rod 202593PC9
Rod 202593-10
Rod 202593-11
Housing 202595-1
Hub 210621PC3
Damper Assembly 325484PC1
Crank And Pin Assem LD257240PC14
Damper Assembly SK168806PC70
Jack 280700PC4
Shoe Assembly 109711GP1
Bearing 234909PC3
Mask 416971PC3
Gland 325799PC2
Stand 325821PC1
Bracket 325885PC2
Box Assembly 325889PC1
Plate 325989PC1
Head Assembly 326053PC1
Bracket 326058PC1
Bracket 326063PC1
Baffle 110483PC8
Wheel 181132PC7
Collar 417313PC4
Housing Assembly 216709PC90
Cover 186036PC9
Gear And Shaft 186040PC140
Gear And Shaft 186040PC142
Gear And Hub Assemb 186040PC143
Roller And Shaft As 186040PC145
Roller Assembly 186040PC146
Roller Assembly 186040PC147
Gear And Hub 186040PC148
Gear And Shaft 186040PC149
Plate 193689PC4
Differential 193691PC1
Bracket, Radial Roll 202564PC1
Bracket 254722PC1
Plate 262739PC1ALT2
Bezel 262818PC1
Chassis 262833PC1
Plate 262843PC1
Bracket 326179PC2
Support 351660PC1
Differential Assemb 401550PC2
Handle Assembly 416900PC5
Plate 416967PC8
Pivot Assembly 325775PC2
Housing 325789PC4
Hanger 417014PC5
Post 417014PC6
Arm 270668PC5
Detent 270668PC6
Sight Assembly 319312PC90
Housing 417294PC2
Manifold 417295PC1
Collar 417313PC2
Strap 216781PC2
Flange 417322PC1
Plate 417344PC7
Bracket Assembly 417373PC2
Housing 417377PC1
Weight 402100PC7
Weight 402100PC8
Lock 417408PC3
Arm 417409PC2
Block 417412PC4
Strip 417417PC3
Strip 417418PC2
Strip 417418PC3
Stop Assembly 417422PC1
Ring Assembly, Slip 588655PC1
Clip, Spring 588656PC1
Damper Assembly T9071235PC1
Damper Assembly T9071235PC2
Pin Setting 588892PC5
Pin Setting 588892PC6REVA3
Gear And Handle Ass 588941PC8
Spring Assembly 654384
Housing 654543
Stud 654549
Anvil Assembly 654564
Clamp Assembly 654568
Pin 654814
Pin 245389
Gimbal 687484
Bracket 687489
Bracket 687501
Idler Assembly 687587
Fitting 687734
Collar 687800
Collar 806714
Collar 806712
Mount Assembly 806793
Frame Assembly 687821
Ferrule 416947PC2
Gyro A S 709985
Housin 709987
Base A S Mbly 708748
Sector A Sembly 659723

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