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Fire Control Directors - FSC 1210

Last Modified: Jul 09, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Body A S Mbly 710184
Weight A Sembly 480937
Weight A Sembly 480938
Sight As Embly LD257223PC14
Track As Embly LD257223PC15
Track As Embly LD257223PC17
Stop Ass Mbly LD257223PC18
Gear And Hub Assemb LD256792PC10
Gear And Hub Assemb LD256792PC11
Gear And Hub Assemb LD256792PC12
Gear And Hub LD256792PC13
Gear And Hub Assemb LD256792PC15
Corrector Assembly SK63603
Stop Ay SK107546
Support 417301PC1
Cushion 480986PC3
Bracket 480987PC4
Flange 481187PC1
Flange 481218PC5
Brake, Train Drive 1473715G1
Clamp, Cable Assembl 1626621
Plate Mount, Synchro 1102548G1
Plate Mount, Synchro 1102549G1
Gear Plate Assembly 1473240G1
Mount, Gyro 1473245
Cap, Right 1473325P1
Cap, Left 1473326P1
Hinge Half 1587487P1
Lever Shift 1596694
Yoke 1596722
Housing, Connector A 1682080G1
Cap, Bellows 1775829P1
Magnet And Coil Asy 2618322G3
Magnet And Coil Asy 2618322G4
Clamp, Cable Assembl 711494-1
Pad, Striker 307032
Bearing, Piston Rod 307037
Replenishing Chambe 307038
Lifting Lug 1244581G2
Clamp, Cable Assembl 1596824P1
Clamp, Cable Assembl 1596824P2
Head, Cylinder 1775782
Retainer Bearing 1102565P1
Retainer Bearing 1596734P1
Actuator Valve 1596845
Housing Connector A 1682079
Support Segment Ass 1682103
Cover Bellows 1775847P1
Shoe Bearing Assy 2076696G1
Magnet And Coil Ass 2618322G1
Magnet And Coil Ass 2618322G2
Retainer Filter 306014
Cylinder 307025
Bearing Piston 307027
Director, Gun 05030636
Director, Gun LD294400
Director, Gun LD294402
Board, Terminal 102980PC96
Insulation, Firing 153733PC2
Switch Assembly, Doo 219443PC1
Amplifier T8251380PC1
Stud 401603PC70
Collar 325284PC2
Closure 493641PC5
Transmitter 494232
Box, Gear 494435PC1
Wedge 655545
Carriage, Wiper 664005PC2
Hub, Coupling 664041PC1
Flange, Coupling 664041PC2
Slider, Coupling 664041PC3
Body, Coupling 664041PC4
Shaft Assembly, Idle 687805
Shaft Assembly, Idle 687807
Support 806723
Error, Limit 689747
Amplifier 709195
Panel, Relay 709201
Transfer Aid 146D545
Amplifier, Train 709288
Limit, Circuit 709292
Amplifier 709825PC1
Buffer K9388966
Plug K9395003
Integrator Assembly 861599
Plate, Friction 869250
Coupling And Hub 869265
Gear And Pin 869278
Brake, Magnetic 888160
Key 1026624
Ring, Stop 1103315
Plate 1144913
Brush Leaf Assembly 2166PC33
Ring, Hold Down 2166PC52
Support 2166PC54
Flange, Choke 2166PC67
Support 1223973
Spacer 1223977
Insulator 1223983PC1
Insulator 1223983PC2

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