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Fire Control Directors - FSC 1210

Last Modified: Jul 09, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Barrier, Control 1223988
Ring And Cable 1224000
Ring And Cable 1224001
Drum Ring Assembly 1224006
Shield And Cable 1224007
Wave Guide Assembly 1224009
Post 1224022
Strip, Ground 1224023
Panel 147D566
Plate, Shock, Mount 2166PC158
Contact Assy, Arm LD167988PC44
Switch Unit LD170825
Contact Assembly, Su 212923PC8
Block, Retaining 8Z1113PC4
Terminal Connection 2618360G2
Terminal Connection 2618577P1
Cable Assembly, Power, Electrical 326074-3
Director, Gun LD100073
Train Parallax Corr SK104039
Train Parallax Corr LD104038
Director, Gun LD170787
Director, Gun 37-54
Director, Gun 37-49
Corrector, Train Pa SK172120
Director, Gun MK37M0D30
Holder, Brush 17H7164-6001
Drag, Magnetic 223117
Grip 263338PC1
Housing 806630REVD
Plate, Rectangular I 762600
Brush, Eletrical Con 785616PC10
Insulation, Sleeving 625A700AAP8
Plate, Rectangular 817235
Sleeve And Spur Gea 862245
Gear Head Assy 12942PC1
Gear Head Assy 12942PC2
Handwheel Assy SK100873
Joint, Universal SK168805PC206
Insulation, Sleeving 0S028018
Magnetic, Keeper 0S028025
Contact Assy 213066PC1
Contact Assy 213066PC2
Spring 117396PC9
Bushing 247865-3
Strap, Hinge 233140
Adapter T8672639PC6
Seal And Spring Ass 513025
Guide T9161659PC4
Washer 3551B-2
Belt Assembly 417539PC3
Rest Assy 708680
Relay And Reset Ass 813491
Inde, Xadjusting 954342
Ring, Sight 18812
Sight 18813
Bar, Sight 18815
Head Assembly, Contr LD256778PC1
Plate, Bench Mark SK188761PC1
Waveguide, Fle, Ible 146D888
Pre-amplifier 177066PC1
Gasket, Rectangular 231369PC11
Heater 1166013
Equipment, Handling, LD282960
Nut, Shaft Lock 554434
Bracket Assy 655500
Buckle 244790
Clevis 765810
Handle, Assy, Right H 806686
Gear And Hub 865488PC60
Gear And Hub 2815928
Gear And Hub 865488PC90
Gear And Hub 865488PC108
Gear And Hub 865488PC165
Windshield Assy 887304
Index Assy, Adjustin 954341
Coupling 307296
Shaft 307293
Gear And Link Assy 307438
Gear Assy 1148163
Attenuator 128520
Brush Assy 1278070
Brush Assy 1278071
Brush Assy 1278072
Brush Assy 1278073
Accelerometer 1304981
Amplifier Assy LD298848
Amplifier Assy LD298822
Gear Set, Worm LD261524ITEM75
Ring 591438PC2
Diaphragm 117395PC5
Arm 202593-4
Sleeve And Gear, Wor 2025593-12
Converter 900-0002
Amplifier Assy LD298847
Roller 195163PC13
Wrench, Bearing 1058782
Amplifier Assy 1446160
Amplifier Assy 1446161
Rail Weldment, Right 84944P4
Bushing 325453PC3

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