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Fire Control Directors - FSC 1210

Last Modified: Jul 09, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Cap 298591PC50
Pedestal Assy 647972
Plate 326169PC6
Handgrip 351811PC1
Socket Assy, Lightwe SK168812PC143
Disc 417039PC7
Collar 417039PC10
Plate 417050PC4
Strainer 655322
Mechanism, Sine Cosi BUWEPSDWG814785
Gear And Pin 869251
Gean And Hub 869262
Cam And Hub 869312
Coupling, Female 869355
Rack And Pin 869867
Cam And Hub 870022
Plate, Rectangular I 938192
Rod And Terminal, Pu 948183
Gear And Washer 948188
Gear And Hub, Spur 969751PC96
Gear And Hub, Spur 969751PC108
Rail Assy, Left Hand 988351
Rail Assy, Right Han 988352
Stabilizer 1266670
Stabilizer BUWEPSDWG1266849
Gear And Pinion Ass 1446512
Tool, Switch 1572872
Pipe Assy LD256787PC13
Hub And Roller Assy LD256792PC17REVC
Gear Set, Bevel SK168812PC354
Frame And Window SK168822PC298
Pedestal Assy 500641PC1
Chain And Loop Assy LD257223PC4
Cap, Circle 591210PC8
Gear Set, Bevel LD260621PC6
Gear Set, Bevel SK168812PC357
Hanger 285949PC4
Support 285951PC1
Housing, Electric 592693PC1
Housing 216709PC2
Housing Assy, Gear 216709ITEM91
Flywheel 254773PC3
Rigging, Brush 262785PC5
Cable, Mcop 7 323671PC117
Strip 493649PC2
Handlebar Assy, Left 493657PC1
Disc 493937PC1
Plate 494235PC1
Cover, Circular 511733PC6
Pointer 588850PC11
Arm Assy, Torque 654583
Socket 245242
Plate, Rectangular 817233
Plate, Rectangular 817234
Plate, Rectangular 817236
Discriminator 817298
Guide Assy, Rack 861338
Rack And Pin 862282
Cam, Rotating 974757
Cam, Rotating 974774
Head Assy, Control LD256778PC2
Head Assy, Control LD256778PC4
Resistor Assy, Unit LD256778ITEM38
Resistor A, Unit LD256778PC26
Adapter Assy LD262837ITEM54
Dial And Hub Assy 679287GP93
Ring 505913PC4
Ring, Shock 679963
Sleeve Assembly 487023
Plug Base Sleeve 117396PC2
Kit, Change 394116PC1
Handle 117394PC1
Key 177102PC2
Carrier 66944PC12
Plate 92948PC3
Coupling, Half T4970488PC11
Core Assembly 109916PC91
Pawl Assembly 113434PC1
Pawl Assembly 113434PC11
Journal 117394PC4
Tag, Instruction 117396PC8
Ring 132479PC9
Ring 153732PC6
Diaphragm, Firing 153733PC5
Link, Connecting 153737PC1
Key Assembly, Firing 165694PC94
Handle 170185PC12
Dowel Assy, Slip 177014PC35
Wrench Assembly 184080PC90
Wrench Assembly 184080PC91
Shaft, Handwheel 202542PC3
Joint, Universal 202542PC4
Joint, Universal 202542PC5
Shaft, Worm 202546PC5
Shaft, Connecting 202553PC7
Roller 202563PC3
Strip 202563PC5
Roller, Radial 202564PC2
Adapter 210589PC4
Disc 210623PC10

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