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Fire Control Computing Sights And Devices - FSC 1220

Last Modified: Oct 01, 2020

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Servo Assembly 2883068
Plotter MK14M0D0
Computer, Torpedo Data MK4M0D26
Computer LD275263
Computer 42-19
Module Assembly, Tor 2551041
Module Assembly, Ser 3024584
Rangekeeper LD104187PC48
Computer 47-3
Projector, Reticle Image 11744800
Ballistic Plug Asse 3024516
Module Subassembly 2551040
Scale, Graphical Firing 8262144
Scale, Graphical Firing 8262150
Housing And Lens 10545190
Gear Assy 209406REVC6
Dial Assy 209433PC2
Molding, Button 209554PC3
Segment, Contact 210713PC6
Differential Assy LD167990PC20
Gear And Hub Assy LD260618PC4
Computer Subassembly LD260619PC43
Gear And Hub Assy LD260687PC1
Gear And Hub Assy LD260687PC29
Arm Assy LD260688PC28
Gear And Hub Assy LD260690PC26
Gear And Hub Assy LD260690PC36
Gear And Hub Assy LD260690PC48
Gear And Hub Assy LD260690PC49
Gear And Hub Assy LD260690PC54
Gear Segment Assy LD262877ITEM10
Servo Unit, Range 689791PC1
Reference Unit, Magn 711380
Connector Assy, Spir 187C892PC1
Connector Assy, Spir 187C893PC1
Amplifier Assy, Serv 187C897
Control Unit 187C896
Knob Assy Elevation 10516443
Terminal 8620282
Coupling Assembly 861625
Differential Assemb 624911
Spring Assembly, Bra 747006PC7
Damp, Resonant 774189
Disc 789565PC6
Booster Assembly 948967
Network Assembly LD290619
Guide, Stud 1058685
Gear And Hub Assemb LD260692PC10
Receiver Assembly, R LD261501ITEM14
Receiver Assembly, T LD261501ITEM21
Shifter Assembly LD261501PC45DTD1-16-51
Filter Assembly, Bea SK92094
Motor Assembly, Ther 687466
Sight, Gun SK166093
Spring 422186PC10
Housing, Legend T314-005628
Housing, Legend T314-005-652
Slew Control Assy 595891
Pin, Centering 869827-3
Transmitter Assy, Be LD261501PC18
Transmitter Assy SK137234
Gage, Pressure 325723PC2
Sight, Gun SK104531ITEM2
Sight, Gun SK104536ITEM2
Wrench, Offset 212722PC122
Counter Assy 1371815PC2
Multiplier Assy LD136842
Scale, Graphical Firing 8262148
Cork, Damper 166450PC5
Gear And Hub Assy LD260618PC57
Computer Subassembly LD260687PC30
Clamp, Motor 212523PC14
Drive, Ballistic 8201600
Computer, Ballistic, 8585300
Wrench Assembly 954337
Post And Contact SK168808PC247
Dial And Brush Assy 209758PC1
Plate 210572
Plate 210669PC1
Counterweight 210713PC2
Support 480655PC11
Insulation 793509PC2
Servo Control Assy 1371797
Amplifier 1371930
Amplifier Assy 71-097
Amplifier Assy 71-210
Gear Assy LD133827PC1
Computer Subassembly SK168814PC825
Arm And Contact LD167988PC67
Computer Subassembly LD172575PC39
Computer Subassembly LD172575PC40
Computer Subassembly LD172575PC88
Crank Assy LD257222PC38
Gear And Hub Assy 168816PC180
Gear And Hub, Spur LD260690PC17
Gear And Hub Assy LD260690PC51
Gear And Hub Assy LD260690PC61
Gear And Hub LD260692PC8
Receiver Assy, Synch LD261501PC11
Computer Subassembly LD261503PC7

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