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Fire Control Computing Sights And Devices - FSC 1220

Last Modified: Jul 05, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Computer Subassembly SK168805PC780
Terminal Tube Assy LD261503PC36
Vernier Adjustment SK168809PC67
Body, Air Valve 8Z1157PC7
Linkage Assy 591422PC3
Gun Sight Mark 14-1 SK104537
Gun Sight Mark 14-1 SK104539
Bracket Assy, Range SK166006
Sight, Gun SK166033
Gunsight SK166054
Plate, Lug 166374PC8
Post, Spring 281118PC8
Receiver Assy 210313
Control Assy 210317
Predict, Multiplier 210319
Fixture Assy 211057PC1
Wiper Assembly, Oil 269763PC7
Support, Block 493685PC2
Mount Assy, Shock 499839PC1
Panel, Input 499850PC1
Rod, Mounting 499892PC1
Cam, Rotating 619208
Lug 633270PC6
Tool, Prying 664242PC5
Stud And Slide Assy LD262850ITEM10
Tube Assy, Terminal LD262850ITEM60
Tube Assy, Terminal LD262850ITEM63
Computer Subassembly LD262858ITEM5
Ring And Roller Ass LD262877ITEM1
Computer Subassembly LD262877ITEM2
Nut Assy, Traveling 626043
Brush Spring Assy LD262877ITEM12
Element, Moving 480928PC2
Heating Assy, Damp 480931PC1
Cable Assy 480951PC1
Bracket 687684
Bracket, Sight 806984
Cam 8585366
Cover 7666511
Computer, Ballistics 11732979
Driver, Geneva 815-1853048-28
Receiver, Geneva 815-1853048
Roller 815-1853048-123
Guard, Computer Ball 8585303
Display, Rear Projection 3018807-1
Display, Rear Projection 3018807-2
Display, Rear Projection 3018807-3
Sonar Range Assembl 3018750
Stop Mechanism 3018826
Arm Assembly, Firing Switch 3018901
Control, Linear 3018907
Computer SK91984
Machine 325398PC7
Unit, Power Supply SK107583
Roller, Grooved 97209PC10
Governor Unit 279619PC69
Case, Parts, Gun Director 325985PC1
Handlebar Assembly 426191
Link 655613
Gear And Cap Assemb LD260618PC22
Control Assembly SK104321
Chassis Assy 393982
Chassis Assy 394026
Power Unit 393994
Chassis Assy 393997
Motor Gear Assy SK107526
Disc 123606PC1
Clamp And Screw Ass 146334PC93
Disc, Pressure 151448PC5
Pin, Shoulder 151783PC5
Hanger 166204PC27
Hanger 166204PC43
Hanger 166291PC24
Post 166294PC20
Post 166294PC49REVAF
Hanger 166299PC119
Plate 166374PC37
Plate 166374PC87
Plate, Straddle 166375PC16
Plate, Straddle 166375PC93
Plate, Straddle 166375PC106
Dolly 168218
Mirror 168234
Holder, Blade 168262
Shank Assembly, Wren 168303
Socket 168379
Shank 168380
Plug 168389
Washer, Lug Type 170796PC6
Washer 170796PC10
Arm Assembly, Roller 171462PC90
Cap 172972PC1
Key 177047PC2
Hub 188528PC10
Arm 192581PC1
Movement Assembly, Clock 192589PC90
Spring Assembly 192783PC90
Shaft 207922PC3
Multiplier Assembly 209321
Shaft 209429PC6

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