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Fire Control Computing Sights And Devices - FSC 1220

Last Modified: Sep 20, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Shaft 209429PC11
Shaft 209429PC13
Roller 209431PC6
Arm And Contact Ass 209465PC90
Counter Assembly 209492PC6
Post 209493PC7REVB3
Plate 209496PC4
Shaft 209522PC7
Shaft 209522PC26
Shaft 209522PC30REVC
Shaft 209522PC71REVC
Plate 209541PC2
Stud, Roller 209550PC5
Arm Assembly, Contac 209558PC1
Hanger 209584PC4
Post 209625PC6
Plate, Bottom 209649PC1
Roller 202707PC6
Post 209712PC2REVB
Hanger 209785PC4
Spring 209796PC4
Plate 210129PC2
Lock Assembly 210290PC1
Control Assembly 210316
Hub, Adjuster 210566PC5
Terminal Tube Assem 210633PC2
Contact Assembly 212516PC7
Brush Assembly 212633PC11
Brush Assembly 212693PC1
Brush Assembly 212761PC1
Brush Assembly 212981PC3
Retainer 213074PC76
Plate, Friction 222128PC4
Mask 222907PC2
Plate, Rectangular 222910PC5
Rail Assembly 269699
Rail Assembly 269701-2
Collar 287608PC3
Post, Spring 287608PC5
Slide, Cam Adjust 291795PC7
Gear And Shaft Asse 317669PC3
Head Assembly 318018PC1
Ball And Screw Asse 416908GRP90
Adapter 417004PC2
Gear, Wormwheel T9160116PC2
Brush Assembly 960720
Bracket Assembly, Gy 493685PC90
Gyro Assembly 493735
Gyro Assembly 493736
Wheel Assembly, Hand 499869PC1
Shaft 499869PC2
Handle, Handwheel 499869PC5
Shaft 499878PC4
Arm, Contact 997-477
Mounting, Cap 499909PC1
Chassis 500595PC1
Shank And Stud 615063
Spring 615291
Spring 615300
Spring 615662
Arm 616466
Roller 616873
Spring 619319
Gear And Shaft Asse 624971
Boot 625345
Tool, Alignment 664242PC7
Dial And Hub 682478
Terminal Assembly L67071PC5
Terminal Assembly L67071PC3
Gasket, Rectangular 724289
Spring Assy 789668PC11
Pad Assy, Oil 793308PC5
Pad Assy, Oil 793308PC6
Wrench Assembly L200007006
Clamp 943509
Retainer 943516
Control Assy 980413
Control Assy 980419
Height Dial Assembl LD167985PC25
Computer Subassembly LD167985PC30
Computer Subassembly LD167985PC44
Computer Subassembly LD167985PC64
Shaft Assembly, Computer LD167986PC29
Shaft Assembly, Computer LD167986PC31
Arm And Hub LD167987PC16
Computer Subassembly LD167988PC5
Computer Subassembly LD167988PC11
Computer Subassembly LD167988PC12
Ring And Brush Asse LD167988PC15
Computer Subassembly LD167988PC18
Ring Assembly, Slip LD167988PC19
Ring Assembly, Slip LD167988PC20
Computer Subassembly LD167988PC22REVH
Ring And Brush Asse LD167988PC23
Arm And Contact Ass LD167988PC27
Computer Subassembly LD167988GP28
Computer Subassembly LD167988PC30
Computer Subassembly LD167988PC31
Computer Subassembly LD167988PC35
Contact Assembly LD167988PC43

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