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Fire Control Computing Sights And Devices - FSC 1220

Last Modified: Jul 05, 2020

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Handcrank Assembly LD261502PC33
Handcrank Assembly LD261502PC34
Handcrank Assembly 210478PC3
Handcrank Assembly 210478PC6
Computer Subassembly LD261503ITEM40
Computer Subassembly LD261507PC23
Computer Subassembly LD261507PC42
Integrator Assembly LD261507PC49
Gear And Shaft LD261507PC52
Handcrank Assembly LD262863PC1
Dial And Hub LD262882PC18
Regulator Assembly, Motor SK39866
Computer Assy, Balli SK61267
Computer Assy, Balli SK91950
Transmitter Assy SK103676
Transmitter Assembly SK103677
Receiver Assy SK104211
Clamp 637470
Gear And Hub 701170
Plate 177320PC9
Stop Assembly 281119PC5
Box, Spare Parts 325272PC1
Dryer Assembly 325349PC2
Tool 325362-4
Gland, Air Supply 325372PC2
Gyro Assembly 325410
Hose Assembly 325412PC2
Gyro Assembly 325564
Pivot 325591PC2
Clamp Assembly 325882PC1
Dryer Assembly 325891PC3
Plunger 326072PC4
Cable, Chassis 326075PC1
Cap 326092PC4
Cager Assembly 326093PC1
Tee Assembly 326093PC5
Kit, Lamp 326135PC2
Kit, Oiling 351554PC22
Capillary Assembly 414823PC3
Head Assembly, Valve 417059PC1
Rod Assembly 417062PC2
Disc, Breather 417064PC2
Range Unit, Rate SK139132
Filter, Air 417198PC5
Cap, End 417209PC2
Support 417220PC6REVB
Element, Heating 417235PC3
Wrench, Bore Sight 417572
Wrench 417573PC1
Wrench 417573PC2
Wrench 417573PC3
Mirror 417688PC2
Retainer 417695PC2
Arm Assembly, Balanc 417728PC1
Gyro And Cager Asse 480924PC1
Gyro And Cager Asse 480929PC1
Clip, Mirror 481118PC1
Damping And Heater 481181PC2
Chain 591420PC2
Pickoff Assembly 591493
Plate 640913
Plate 640915
Spring 654306
Rotor 654351
Weight 654367
Weight 654372
Shoe 654756
Retainer 655102
Retainer Assembly 655177
Ring 655180
Connector Assembly 655276
Elbow 655281
Window Assembly 655357
Cover Assembly 655418
Motor Assembly 658689
Housing 675551
Block Assembly, Term 687687
Stop Assembly, Limit 815749
Gyro And Cager Asse 710127
Gyro And Cager Asse 710128
Housing Assembly, Dryer LD261493PC40
Unit, Air Supply 648129
Bracket Assembly, Mo 325341PC1
Unit, Air Supply SK133121
Bracket Assembly SK133123
Chassis Assembly SK139130
Unit, Range Rate SK139131
Case Assembly, Carri SK139149
Gyro Assembly SK166000PC6
Gyro Assembly SK166001PC6
Bracket Assmbly SK166004
Range Rate Unit Ass SK166067
Telescope Assembly SK172448
Plate, Straddle 166375PC12
Finger 210627PC4
Shaft Assembly 627440
Scale, Graphical Firing 11745040
Coupling Assembly 708960PC9
Plotter, Attack SK170812PC6
Radar Change Kit 0S08054

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