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Fire Control Computing Sights And Devices - FSC 1220

Last Modified: Jul 05, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Ordalt Set AS2626
Computer SK103705
Computer SK103708
Computer SK103718PC15
Computer SK104055
Computer SK133114
Wrench Assembly 168311
Shaft Assembly, Intermittent 192584PC90
Clamp, Motor 192959PC8
Dial Assembly, Spot 209421PC8
Bearing Assembly 212959PC8
Post And Contact As 269815PC14
Computer Subassembly 615395
Dial And Hub Assemb 702878PC1
Ring, Modulator 709835PC1
Gear And Hub LD260618PC54
Gear Segment Assemb LD260618PC80
Vernier Adjustment LD260619PC74
Computer Assembly LD260688PC41
Computer Assembly LD260688PC42
Computer Subassembly LD260688PC61
Computer Assembly LD261490PC2
Computer Assembly LD261501PC17
Computer Subassembly LD261507PC26
Computer Subassembly LD262858PC10
Spring Set LD262865PC4
Gearing Assembly SK57729
Damper Assembly SK60145
Computer Assembly SK61212
Drive Assembly 194017
Clock Assembly SK61238
Annunciator Assembl SK61292
Drive Assembly SK61300
Computer Assembly SK63303
Integrator Assembly SK63357
Computer Assembly SK63497
Computer Assembly SK63499
Scale, Range Convers SK91126
Solver Assembly SK91920
Solver Assembly SK91921
Computer Assembly SK91923
Computer Assembly SK91924
Control Assembly SK91932
Mounting Assembly SK91939
Mounting Assembly SK91942
Control Assembly SK91953
Drag Assembly SK92060
Gearing Assembly SK103762
Control Assembly SK104003
Gear And Hub Assemb LD260690PC31
Gage 325723-1
Gyro Unit SK133131
Gyro Assembly SK133132
Cathode Ray Assembl SK166081
Mirror And Shield A 656770
Cover Assembly, Canv LD105578
Sight, Gun SK166065
Sight, Gun SK172446
Module, Power Supply M28-150B400-3PC2
Window, Computer Bal 8619791
Bent Wire 146353-7REVAG
Insert, Readout Asse 2864327-21
Insert, Readout Asse 2864327-22
Insert, Readout Asse 2864327-23
Box, Instrument Carrying 2465011P4
Computer Range, Netw 962580-1
Console, Analyzer 2205506
Computer, Rate FNR5A
Cap, Legend 11728343-16
Arm, Computer Ballistic 8585598
Removal Tool T-5116
Diaphragm, Magnetic 10547454
Reflector, Block Assembly 11728340
Cam, Computer Balli 11727081
Controller, Step Mot 2549652
Gearing Section 2813142
Rotor And Bearing MDE323249-5
Rotor MDE323249-53
Scale, Graphical Firing 11730172
Scale, Graphical Firing 10557266
Relay Unit 2259390G1REVA
Stop Mechanism Asse 2547157-9
Plate Assembly, Cam 8619937
Drive Assy 8201560
Coupling, Computer B 8201824
Roller Assembly 8567978
Button Set, Key 10558852
Shaft, Cam Drive 8201744
Adapter 1197251
Cam, Superelevation 8619967
Ordnance Alteration 0RDALT8490
Module 2259501G3
Module 2259501G4
Module 2259432G5
Module 2259432G6
Module 2259432G7
Module 2259432G8
Module 2259431G4
Module 2260455G1
Module 2260833G1

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