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Fire Control Computing Sights And Devices - FSC 1220

Last Modified: Jul 05, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Computer Subassembly 419128-1
Computer Subassembly 419206-1
Computer Subassembly 419207-1
Fastener, Captive Screw 2314761P1
Attenuation Fixture 2465060P1
Case, Combination 2316209G1
Cable, Breakout, Computer 2183144
Paper Machine, Typewriter 8513
Spring Assembly 39-061-1
Typewriter Kit 1280705
Plate, Lock, Plotter BUWEPSDWG2050866
Crank Assembly, Hand 2094162
Plotting Machine 2094190
Gear Assembly, Plott BUWEPSDWG2071136
Shaft And Gear Asse 2080462
Rack, Plotter 2050862
Servo Assembly, Fixe 2094145-1
Clamp Assembly, Gear 2080468
Gear Assembly, Plott BUWEPSDWG2080445
Gear Assembly, Plott BUWEPSDWG2080535
Gear Assembly, Plott BUWEPSDWG2080600
Gear Assembly, Plott 2153402
Gear Assembly, Plott BUWEPSDWG2080479
Scale, Range 8575783
Probe 2253181G1
Probe 2253181G2
Probe 2253182G1
Probe 2253182G2
Probe 2253183G1
Probe 2253183G2
Probe 2253184G1
Probe 2253184G2
Cable Assembly 2315612G7
Cable Assembly 2315612G8
Amplifier 2298447G2
Filter, Air C528-02-FRL-AHCAK
Valve Relief 59
Cutting Attachment 2441885PC1
Knife, Wire 2441885P7
Knife, Wire 2441885PC4
Holder, Wire 2441885PC3
Screw 2441885PC9
Knife, Wire 2441885PC6
Case 2258688P1
Servo Module 1569120
Servo Module 1569121
Servo Module 1569122
Servo Module 1569123
Module 1569118
Amplifier 2303394
Amplifier 2303393
Board Assembly 1568721
Board Assembly 1569101PC1
Clamp Assembly 2060247
Ring 1786825
Spring 2247524P1
Ordalt 5477 PL285833
Plotter SK92123
Board Extractor 2212722G1
Board Extractor 2212722G3
Hitch Assembly 2018252G1REVB
Bit, Wire Wrap 2296221P1
Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, E 2111368G2
Network 2298302P1
Standoff, Key 2319388P2
Belt, Special 752-5118-10
Spacer, Special 752-9528-09
Roller Assembly 760-5796
Detent, Special 760-5709
Shim Assembly 760-4338
Spacer 2268815P1
Shim Tie 2247320P1
Scale, Graphical Firing 8565740
Corrector, Train Par LD287792
Drive, Ballistics 8621333
Scale, Optical Tool 2223002P2
Scale, Optical Tool 2223002P1
Adapter 2223004P1
Clamp 2223005P1
Eyepiece 2296659P1
Pin 869827PC3
Puller 2296007G1
Puller 2306016G1
Puller 2167142G1
Indexing Tool 2212765GP1
Fixture 2212759G1
Gage 2317932P1
Tool 2315677G1
Tool 2110489GP1
Wipedown Tool 2110489G2
Sleeve 2316809PC1
Sleeve 2316809PC2
Wrapping Bit 2296221P4
Wrapping Bit 2296221P3
Puller 2260060P1
Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, E 2315612GP5
Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, E 2315612GP6
Insert 2315689G1
Tool 2212765G2
Tool 2314360P2

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