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Fire Control Computing Sights And Devices - FSC 1220

Last Modified: Jul 05, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Dial And Gear Assem LD260618PC8
Arm And Plate Assem 417199PC1REVB
Head, Heater Tube 417199PC8
Plate 232590
Stop 417734PC2
Stop 417734PC3
Bracket Assembly 807754
Bracket Assembly 417735PC3
Range Unit 656805
Linkage Assembly 232904
Link 232906
Mirrow Assembly 417208PC2REVA
Input Unit Assembly 417212PC1
Clamp Assembly 146334PC90
Disc 209473PC12
Rail 209476PC4
Slide 209444PC2
Roller, Computer 209444PC5REVB
Plate 209448PC9
Rail 209448PC12
Gear 209449PC2
Input Unit Assembly 417642PC1
Input Unit Assembly 417643PC1
Cap 417672PC4
Retainer 417685PC4
Regulator Assembly 417690PC1
Bracket Assembly 417693PC2
Support 417693PC3
Ring Assembly 232586
Bracket 325342PC1
Seat 325343PC2
Rod Assembly 325355PC3
Handle 325356
Housing Assembly 417449PC1
Rail 209425PC9
Roller 209426PC3
Post 209427PC2
Hanger 209427PC8
Roller Assembly 209428PC2
Dryer 325370PC3
Fork 325370PC4
Shell 207914PC3
Shell 207937PC1
Frame 209440
Plate 209468
Arm, Spring 209465PC3
Arm, Contact 209465PC6REVD
Plate 209466
Guide 209480PC1
Moulding 209480PC9
Support 209520PC10
Post 209533PC15
Rail 209559PC3
Hanger 209573PC3
Hub 209574PC7
Hub 209574PC8
Plate 209615PC3
Clutch 209622PC6
Gear 209628PC9
Plate 209645PC4
Post 209788PC9
Plate 209789PC3
Plate 209866PC4
Guide 209871PC1
Guide 209871PC2
Rail 209871PC3
Guide 591334PC4
Follower 654692
Cover Assembly 655413
Housing 687704
Frame 687705
Rack Assembly LD167987PC11
Gear And Hub Assemb LD167989PC16
Flange Assembly 480928PC4
Cover Assembly 480948PC3
Reticule Assembly 481110PC5
Mirror Assembly 481110PC7
Mirror Assembly 481110PC8
Diaphragm 481111PC1
Diaphragm 481127PC1
Differential 499792PC1
Mount, Reticule 481128PC4
Diaphragm 481129PC1
Holder 481156PC1
Holder 481156PC2
Bracket Assembly 481281PC1
Plate 481286PC5
Gear And Bracket 499810PC1
Bracket Assembly 499815PC1
Gear Subassembly 499819PC1
Stop 499846PC2
Plunger 480970PC6
Holder 480972PC1
Holder 480972PC2
Holder 480972PC3
Bracket 480991PC2
Manifold 493670PC3
Bracket Assembly 499917PC1
Solver Assembly SK91922
Gearing Assembly SK91925

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