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Fire Control Computing Sights And Devices - FSC 1220

Last Modified: Jul 05, 2020

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Intermittent Drive SK91946
Computer Subassembly LD172575PC3
Vernier Adjustment LD260619PC12
Vernier Assembly LD260619PC13
Computer Subassembly LD172575PC2
Computer Subassembly LD172575PC99
Computer Subassembly LD257222PC66
Computer Subassembly LD257222PC67
Bushing-cork Assembly 257222PC84
Reticule 654719
Ratchet 654734
Plate, Thrust 655056
Sleeve 655373
Damper Assembly, Rangekeeper SK57830
Sight Assembly, Chec SK166037
Shaft Assembly, Computer LD167986PC1DTD6-11-54
Shaft Assembly, Computer LD167986PC4DTD6-11-54
Plate 209887PC9
Rail 209956PC2
Plate 209973PC5
Housing 209979PC5
Plate 210057
Post 210070PC12
Plate 210251PC8
End 210422PC4
Plate 210565PC1
Hub 210566PC1
Hanger 210566PC8
Hanger 210895PC3
Dial 655772
Computer Subassembly LD167985PC36
Computer Subassembly LD167985PC63
Ring Assembly 212549PC1
Damper 213134PC1
Computer Subassembly LD167985PC53
Roller And Stud Ass LD257222PC87
Computer Subassembly LD257222PC96
Roller Assembly LD257222PC97
Flag And Hub Assemb LD260619PC1
Flag And Lever Asse LD260619PC2
Computer Subassembly LD260619PC3
Computer Subassembly LD260619PC49
Computer Subassembly LD257222PC95
Reticule SK111660PC3
Vernier Adjustment 192787PC10
Gear And Shaft Asse LD167986PC16
Arm And Hub Assembl LD167987PC13
Arm And Hub Assembl LD167987PC14
Clamp And Screw Ass LD257222PC59
Clamp And Screw Ass LD257222PC60
Computer Subassembly LD257222PC61
Computer Subassembly LD257222PC77
Roller Assembly LD257222PC86
Clamp And Screw Ass LD260619PC5
Clamp And Screw Ass LD260619PC37
Clamp And Screw Ass LD260619PC38
Block And Screw Ass LD260619PC40
Dowel, Slip 177014PC13
Plug 325376PC1
Tube 325663PC3
Detent Screw Assemb 325981PC1
Heater Assembly 417230PC1
Unit Assembly 417236PC2
Unit, Range Rate 417727PC1
Vernier SK168817PC33
Housing LD257239PC13
Motor Assembly, Spri 177967PC174
Computer Subassembly LD172575PC29
Computer Subassembly LD172575PC31
Corrector Assembly, SK63490PC1
Stop Mechanism Asse 2547157-8
Module Assembly BUWEPSDWG2548700
Scale, Graphical Firing 11730963
Scale, Graphical Firing 10559994
Computer, Gun Fire C LD629384
Plate 209493PC3
Indicator 209403PC5
Clamp 209403PC7
Hanger 209403PC12
Roller 209403PC13
Guide, Rack 209404PC4
Rail 209405PC5REVA6
Carriage 209417PC3
Gear Assy 209418PC1
Rail 209419PC2
Gear 209736PC3REVC
Index 209740PC8
Frame 209554PC1
Hanger 209556PC7
Rail 209568PC1
Plate 209620PC4
Hanger 209711PC4REVE
Plate 209740PC15REVA10
Index 209740PC16
Post 209752PC2
Post 209752PC3
Plate 209753PC6
Plate 209753PC7
Plate 209753PC8
Hanger 209754PC1

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