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Optical Sighting And Ranging Equipment - FSC 1240

Periscopes For Submarines; Range And Height Finders; Telescopic Sights; Optical Instruments Integrated With Fire Control Equipment.
Last Modified: Aug 15, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Knob Assembly, Azimuth 8270284
Cover, Level Vial 8566629
Plug Level, Vial 8565489
Dial Elevation 8616038
Head Assembly 10549216
Retainer, Optical Element 8615895
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element 8289272
Retainer, Spring 8215904
Mask 7660596
Contact Periscope 10515899
Knob Assembly, Periscope 10516384
Filter, Light, Optical Instrument 10545073
Index, Periscope 10514313
Retainer, Optical Element 8289250
Holder, Optical Element 8619809
Holder, Optical Element 8619831
Telescope, Articulated SUPERTARGETSP0T15X
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 10541952
Filter, Light, Optical Instrument 6042003-1
Mount, Sight 599322
Holder, Optical Element 232547PC2
Mount, Sight 325702PC1
Adapter 203026PC15
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element 481128PC2
Holder, Optical Element 253131PC3
Guard 105386PC15
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element 94695PC4
Plate 105994PC6
Filter, Light, Telescopic Instrume 105476PC12
Window, Optical Instrument 105476PC4
Cap 140089PC2
Holder, Optical Element 154831PC3
Holder, Optical Element 154832PC1
Holder, Optical Element 154832PC3
Holder, Optical Element 154848PC1
Holder, Optical Element 164108PC5
Cell, Optical Element BP1166
Retainer, Optical Element 164106PC8
Holder, Optical Element 164106PC1
Holder, Optical Element 164105PC1
Holder, Optical Element 164104PC4
Sight, Bore, Optical 162920PC1
Socket 176783PC10
Rod 176690PC7
Cell, Optical Element 8213381
Wedge 176020PC1
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element 175931PC1
Lens 181997PC4
Ring 176678PC7
Cell, Optical Element 176743PC6
Mount 176742PC3
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 10555972
Window, Optical Instrument 1723
Support Telescope 10552696
Sight, Check, Optical 11731012
Body Assembly 1240001339294
Lamp Assembly A11972
Cell, Optical Element 8587353
Mirror Assembly 10558954
Wiper Assembly 10549760
Holder, Optical Element 68A26D32
Case, Optical Instrument SM-D-657440
Telescope, Articulated D6
Holder, Optical Element 3278865-1
Cell Assembly 139105
Scan Mirror 139080
Quad-ring Q4014-366Y
Lens Cell Assembly 139115
Mirror 135761
Window 135758
Sightunit SP29685
Head Assembly, Periscope SP29684
Collimator, Infinity Aiming Refer SU-72/ASM-455
Handle, Collimator I 11739152
Prism 189659PC16
Mount 189636PC3
Window, Optical Instrument 265862PC10
Roller 265932PC6
Prism 278689PC10
Terminal, Sight Refl 6139001
Eyeshield, Optical Instrument 11737379
Sight, Infinity 2588526
Periscope, Armored Vehicle 2588275
Elbow Assembly 1240001487555
Periscope Subassembly 11727486
Periscope Subassembly 11744900
Telescope, Articulated 10556368
Telescope, Panoramic 11730267
Telescope, Elbow 11730285
Mount, Telescope 10553215
Telescope, Mk 102-6 DL2876422
Telescope, Mk 102-5 DL2659770
Sight, Bore, Optical 10549221
Reflector Assembly, Optical Instr 244856
Target Assembly LD172596PC6
Target Assembly LD172596PC7
Target Assembly LD172596PC9
Target Assembly LD172596PC10
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 806704
Cell, Optical Element 806636

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