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Optical Sighting And Ranging Equipment - FSC 1240

Periscopes For Submarines; Range And Height Finders; Telescopic Sights; Optical Instruments Integrated With Fire Control Equipment.
Last Modified: Sep 22, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Lens 252857PC1
Reticule 252857PC3
Adapter 240420PC1
Telescope Subassembly 265207
Telescope Subassembly 265707
Holder 230919PC5
Cell, Optical Element 822607
Cell, Optical Element 806720
Cell, Optical Element 806669
Scale 279413PC5
Holder, Optical Element 659907
Holder, Optical Element 710138
Plate 278691PC14
Window, Optical Instrument 278693PC4
Window, Optical Instrument 278423PC3
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element 278574PC7
Tube 278578PC3
Scale 278588PC3
Prism 278588PC8
Plate 279360PC12
Lens 279445PC10
Plate 278703PC6
Reticle Assembly, Optical Instrum 278702PC1
Reflector Assembly, Optical Instr 278699PC10
Filter, Light, Optical Instrument 278699PC5
Lens 1172367
Reflector, Reticle Image G11123-12
Plate 279360PC19
Flange 272142PC2
Holder, Optical Element 279539PC1
Wedge 279363PC7
Rack, Adjusting Drive 278760PC3
Cap And Chain Assembly 279427PC90
Sunshade 279436PC2
Retainer, Optical Element 3232857
Case, Optical Instrument 325744
Prism 384810PC5
Holder, Optical Element 325659PC1
Telescope, Elbow 8211640
Holder, Optical Element 200409PC1
Holder, Optical Element 200409PC2
Holder, Optical Element 200409PC5
Holder, Optical Element 200411PC1
Holder, Optical Element 200411PC2
Holder, Optical Element 200411PC9
Holder, Optical Element 200413PC1
Lens 202369PC3
Holder, Optical Element 202397PC1
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element 203026PC14
Window, Optical Instrument 203034PC3
Plate 207731PC4
Filter, Light, Optical Instrument T-8672682PC4
Collimator, Infinity Aiming Refer 480371PC1
Sight, Bore, Optical 480371PC2
Lens 247678PC2
Reticle 247678PC3
Eye 247678PC4
Filter, Light, Optical Instrument 481110PC3
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element 481112PC8
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element 481128PC1
Retainer, Optical Element 481130PC1
Eyepiece Assembly, Optical Instru 481130PC3
Cell, Optical Element 807807
Cell, Optical Element 232726
Cell, Optical Element 232727
Guard SK79406
Prism SK168805PC860
Cell, Optical Element 654768
Cell, Optical Element 654782
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element 231650
Holder, Optical Element 278863PC1
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element 212550PC1
Frame 230916PC1
Cap 230919PC6
Prism 105197PC15
Index 105609PC6
Disc 105610PC2
Lens, Collective 105610PC20
Key 176131PC4
Button 220565PC1
Adapter, Eyepiece Assembly 8215539
Cell, Optical Element 8215538
Holder, Optical Element 2586151
Eyeshield, Optical Instrument M-387
Cell, Optical Element SC-D-635061-1
Cell, Optical Element SC-D-635094-1
Window, Optical Instrument 278703PC12
Window, Optical Instrument 236932PC1
Window, Optical Instrument 384815PC1
Window, Optical Instrument 180613PC3
Window, Optical Instrument 202369PC6
Window, Optical Instrument 105768PC5
Window, Optical Instrument 154825PC14
Window, Optical Instrument 200405PC1
Window, Optical Instrument 230934PC5
Window, Optical Instrument 248578PC8
Window, Optical Instrument 30091
Window, Optical Instrument 52476
Window, Optical Instrument 265936PC4
Window, Optical Instrument 176221PC3

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