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Optical Sighting And Ranging Equipment - FSC 1240

Periscopes For Submarines; Range And Height Finders; Telescopic Sights; Optical Instruments Integrated With Fire Control Equipment.
Last Modified: Jul 11, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Case, Optical Instrument 243636-007
Sight, Infinity 1012J406001
Filter, Light, Telescopic Instrume 13001589
Periscope Subassembly 5616108
Range Finder, Laser 71005500-9
Periscope, Submarine 083-0800-04
Mount, Telescope 52083
Sight, Infinity 13077900-009
Case, Optical Instrument M982753-2B
Mount, Sight 39105775
Case, Optical Instrument M982753-1B
Range Finder, Laser MARKVII
Case, Optical Instrument 3252603-1
Scope Assembly 7614376
Optic Bench Assembl 7579397-031
Body Assembly Sight 7566391-031
Mount, Sight 2400
Cell Assembly Set, Optical Instru 7578348-011
Strap Rubber 3067640010
Sighting System, Antioscillation OMSYS6
Range Finder, Laser 3225026-1
Filter Subassembly, Light, Optical 1166172-1
Range Finder, Laser 4978243-1
Sightunit 11741726
Range Finder, Laser MODEL LV11-MOD 1
Range Finder-target Designator, L 13076000-529
Case, Optical Instrument 242628-100
Sightunit RX01-10
Sightunit RX01-14
Sightunit 552.A65/1+9-BC-CAM
Cooler Assembly 3271055-0401
Target Locator Module 20001000-19
Periscope Subassembly 7491085
Periscope Subassembly 585-6726899
Day Sensor Subassem 13076144-029
Cover, Fire Control Instrument N2053KIT
Sight, Infinity 910,100
Collimator, Infinity Aiming Refer 13076144-529
Range Finder-target Designator, L 60716220-9
Range Finder-target Designator, L 60716220-19
Kit, Boresight, Machi 4-1250BR
Range Finder, Laser 60716000-29
Range Finder, Laser 60716000-39
Mount, Sight 189-802
Case, Optical Instrument MIL-PRF-32062 TYPE I
Window, Optical Instrument 122027
Holder, Optical Element 571202434
Sight, Bore, Optical TA31F
Holder, Optical Element 571204360
Mount, Sight ARM-19
Mount, Sight 717124413109
Telescope, Elbow 13005104
Mount, Telescope And Quadrant 13005103
Mount, Sight BSQ-48513
Range Finder, Laser 77424300-009
Card Tads 79760510-001
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 79760515-001
Collimator, Infrared 79760230
Optical Component 79760030-009
Reflector Assembly, Optical Instr 122110
Periscope, Submarine 068014
Sight, Holographic 554-A65
Mount, Telescope And Quadrant 13005089

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