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Optical Sighting And Ranging Equipment - FSC 1240

Periscopes For Submarines; Range And Height Finders; Telescopic Sights; Optical Instruments Integrated With Fire Control Equipment.
Last Modified: Sep 22, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Window, Optical Instrument 176386PC6
Window, Optical Instrument 176195PC2
Window, Optical Instrument 176149PC4
Window, Optical Instrument 685622PC6
Window, Optical Instrument 164102PC1
Window, Optical Instrument 105768PC2
Window, Optical Instrument 181146PC1
Window, Optical Instrument 278691PC8
Window, Optical Instrument 278703PC7
Window, Optical Instrument 105609PC11
Window, Optical Instrument 105768PC1
Window, Optical Instrument 279475PC4
Window, Optical Instrument 265936PC1
Window, Optical Instrument 176149PC1
Window, Optical Instrument 181146PC9
Window, Optical Instrument 169984PC3
Window, Optical Instrument 278691PC5
Window, Optical Instrument 278694PC6
Window, Optical Instrument 279445PC9
Window, Optical Instrument 279495PC12
Window, Optical Instrument 278697PC3
Shield, Range Finder 10559309
Handwheel And Stud SK168822PC449
Periscope, Armored Vehicle 11731100
Sight, Bore, Optical 2874621
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element 265200
Range Finder, Fire Control MK41-13
Sight, Reflecting 11730196
Mount, Telescope 11728180
Telescope, Straight 11728190
Telescope, Panoramic 10555974
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element 929C962P1
Mount, Telescope 10559699
Periscope 10558201-1
Holder, Telescope Mount 11738294
Holder, Optical Element 662887-4
Retainer, Periscope 10541993
Cell, Optical Element 8289225
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 5582519
Retainer, Optical Element 11738900
Retainer, Optical Element 11737432
Rangefinder SK91690PC2
Spacer 165691PC11
Reflector 220558PC23
Window, Optical Instrument 278693PC16
Filter, Light, Optical Instrument 278693PC17
Reflector 279377PC4
Conductor 279475PC8
Support TC8301
Cell, Optical Element 944628
Window, Optical Instrument 1049116
Cell, Optical Element 789PC2
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element 1390117
Retainer, Optical Element 1390118
Retainer, Optical Element 1390119
Cell, Optical Element 1390120
Lens Set LD172613PC12
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element 435-11-3019
Ring, Rotating 11737435
Scale, Diopter 11737314
Filter, Light, Optical Instrument 10559511-2
Retainer, Optical Element 8626235
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 8626285
Level, Fire Control Instrument 18024
Retainer, Optical Element 7660466
Holder, Optical Element 18021
Cell, Optical Element 35-29483-1
Sunshade Weldment 1430607
Telescope Subassembly 8615841
Periscope Subassembly 8619194
Periscope Subassembly 11727607
Holder, Optical Element 11728900
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element 10527978
Filter, Light, Optical Instrument 8431-147
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 11741681
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 11741685
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 10559277
Rod, Mt Periscope 8620497
Filter, Light, Optical Instrument 7363-116
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 11730292
Filter, Light, Optical Instrument 6819-174-1
Index Elbow 8615871
Filter, Light, Optical Instrument 930C565
Retainer, Optical Element 7583446
Retainer, Optical Element 5320792
Attachment, Window Wiper SK281588
Telescope, Articulated K6
Clamp 8228900
Telescope, Elbow M101T150E1
Adapter, Telescope, M 8244830
Sight, Unit, M34a2 8244840
Gear, Pinion, Input 7695906
Gear 7695913
Coupling, Disk 7695917
Shaft, Worm 7695920
Cell, Optical Element 7695930
Button 8228895
Bracket Assy, Right 8200057
Reflector, Porro, Lh 8200086
Mount, Wedge Geared 8200151

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