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Optical Sighting And Ranging Equipment - FSC 1240

Periscopes For Submarines; Range And Height Finders; Telescopic Sights; Optical Instruments Integrated With Fire Control Equipment.
Last Modified: Feb 25, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Holder, Optical Element 236961PC1
Eyeshield, Optical Instrument 238522PC16
Prism 248579PC3
Filter, Light, Optical Instrument 248590PC9
Sight, Bore, Optical 249501
Housing, Boresight 252296PC1
Saddle, Traveling Nut 253131PC6
Pilot Assembly 255785GR90
Filter, Light, Optical Instrument 265936PC18
Window, Optical Instrument 278694PC15
Mirror, End 278698PC9
Holder, Optical Element G10873PC1
Filter, Light, Optical Instrument 279475PC7
Cell, Optical Element 279539PC3
Telescope Subassembly 279539PC90
Gear And Shaft 279540PC90
Connector Assembly 298575PC6
Stop 323201PC6
Block, Traveling 323201PC11
Stop 323218PC8
Box, Equipment 323286
Telescope, Straight 325825PC1
Window, Optical Instrument 384815PC9
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element 415264PC1
Retainer, Optical Element 415268PC9
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element 415268PC11
Telescope Subassembly 415283PC90
Eye Piece 415285PC6
Eyeguard, Optical Instrument 415499PC1
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element 415499PC5
Rod, Light 415510PC10
Telescope 480629PC15
Head Rest 1989195
Lens 511502PC8
Cell, Optical Element 511717PC2
Ring, Actuating 511717PC3
Box, Equipment 797249
Arm And Blade, Wiper 888704
Prism 894052
Retainer, Optical Element TA-3656
Filter, Light, Optical Instrument 10204
Washer, Stop 16074
Telescope Subassembly 16086
Filter, Light, Optical Instrument 1040107
Ring 74597
Lens 20838
Retainer, Optical Element 1168937
Retainer, Optical Element 1168938
Holder, Optical Element 1235979
Prism, Penta M1L1793
Filter, Light, Optical Instrument LD172589PC53
Filter, Light, Optical Instrument LD172589PC54
Lens LD172589PC118
Reticle Assembly, Optical Instrum 278697PC90-91
Deicing Assembly LD257200PC10
Pin And Plate Assem LD257244ITEM4
Range Finder, Fire Control LD260624PC22
Headrest, Optical Instrument 181112
Telescope Subassembly LD262839PC5
Cover Assembly LD262839PC8
Housing Assembly LD262853PC19
Telescope SK54801
Periscope SK54818
Telescope SK56927
Attachment, Window W SK59301
Attachment, Window W SK59302
Telescope SK59326
Telescope SK59327
Attachment, Window W SK61813
Telescope BUWEPSSK62200
Telescope BUWEPSSK62201
Attachment, Window W 266220
Attachment, Window W 266224
Mount, Periscope 231527
Telescope LD62682
Attachment, Window W SK62907
Telescope SK91190
Telescope SK91191
Telescope 323209
Telescope, Articulated SK91193
Attachment, Offset W SK91209
Offset Wedge Attach LD91225
Telescope SK91232
Telescope SK91233
Periscope, Tracking, Air Defense F SK91740
Telescope SK91744
Telescope SK93165
Telescope SK93166
Attachment, Rayfilte LD94594
Eyeguard, Optical Instrument SK99992
Telescope SK108217
Attachment, Offset W SK130002
Rangefinder SK130013
Telescope SK130023
Telescope SK136777
Telescope, Straight SK172197
Retainer, Optical Element 422440PC10
Stop, Projector ASP193PC2
Case, Optical Instrument 325264PC1
Case, Optical Instrument 325849PC1

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