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Fire Control Designating And Indicating Equipment - FSC 1260

Turret, Gun, Torpedo Mount, And Searchlight Indicating Equipment; Target Designating Equipment; Synchro Systems.
Last Modified: May 23, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Upper Shroud Assems 1D51094-501
Ordnance Alteration 0RDALT7542
Ordnance Alteration 0RDALT7964
Housing 143926
Holder Assy 1810221
Clamp 1768922PC2REVB
Clamp G243563-2
Board Assembly 1259462
Housing 1439268
Holder Assembly 1228907
Scale 1798966
Cap 1769516
Cap 1769515REVA
Switch Unit 67D2D26
Timer 1999674REVP
Catch 253957
Coupling, Flange 26227PC6
Insulation 219275PC5
Insulation 219275PC6
Stop Assembly, Brake 263525PC6
Adapter 271498PC2
Handle Assembly 1798-5001GP1
Armrest Assembly 1798-1129GP2
Indicator, Bearing 0S010065
Spacer, Contact 212923PC13
Indicator, Director LD63599
Plate, Index 422436PC6
Coupling Assembly 297755PC2
Window 891752
Disk 996004PC13
Disk 996004PC15
Disk 996004PC16
Disk 996004PC17
Disk 996004PC18
Key 197028PC8
Bracket 26217PC1
Damper Assembly 212947PC3
Ring, Clamp 269419PC5
Arm, Sight 343568PC4
Adapter 366906PC1
Support, Bearing 212946PC13
Tube 366898PC1
Ordnance Alteration 0RDALT6560
Board Assembly 4222780
Restorer Direct Current LM1798818
Contact 1132879
Spring C240-026-0620
Counter BUWEPSDWG2245836
Gear Set 2245842
Gear Head 2245853PC1
Gear Head 2245853PC2
Counter Assembly BUWEPSDWG2319778
Counter Assembly 2258114
Mask BUWEPSDWG2245881
Mask BUWEPSDWG2256889
Mask BUWEPSDWG2256890
Filter 2256896
Gear Assembly 1088804PC2
Amplifier 2196910
Gun Director Indicator LD262878
Relay Transmitter LD281273
Indicator Regulator LD255199
Indicator, Bearing A LD262907
Indicator, Searchlig 0S01212
Ordnance Alteration 0RDALT6860
Indicator, Elevation 116C3154
Bracket Assy 263637PC1
Bezel 351996PC1
Sleeve 352009PC1
Sleeve Assembly 352010PC4
Anchor Assembly 326194PC9
Adapter 352008PC2
Arm 366908PC5
Anchor 326194PC4
Adapter 194846PC3
Adapter 197025PC10
Base 326193PC1
Button Assembly 263469PC6
Adapter 592695PC1
Adapter 271527PC4
Brake Assembly 263482PC4
Brake Set 263482PC2
Cleat 110132PC17
Plate 113149PC6
Insulating Strip 113149PC5
Race 113775PC15
Race 113775PC16
Race 113775PC3
Scale And Gear 158337PC1
Reflector 158414PC6
Reflector 158414PC7
Clamp 158360PC6
Collar 183631PC3
Bracket 183631PC4
Latch 183631PC8
Clamp 183691PC4
Screen 183554PC1
Retainer 177014PC91
Retainer 177014PC16
Rod 184130PC3

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