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Fire Control Designating And Indicating Equipment - FSC 1260

Turret, Gun, Torpedo Mount, And Searchlight Indicating Equipment; Target Designating Equipment; Synchro Systems.
Last Modified: Sep 23, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Shutter Assembly 60716217-9
Strip, Ground, Flexib 1D49678-1
Cover 1D49532-1
Cover Assembly, Top 1D51123-1
Cover, Bottom 31D51125-1
Pad 1D51123-5
Pad 1D51123-7
Focus Assembly 350150
Cover, Filter 1D49356-1
Cover Assembly 340892
Gimbal Drive System 1D51498-1
Shield, Preamp 344135-1
Shield 340809
Support, Autocollima 1D51116-1
Input Filter Assemb 60700150-19
Fan 034152
Flex Strip 1D49590-5
Flex Strip 1D49590-7
Flex Strip 1D49590-11
Flex Strip 1D49590-13
Flex Strip 1D49590-15
Thermal Control Uni 330778G01
Cold Plate, Scan 350174
Cartridge, Desiccan 350011-301
Lower Shroud Assemb 1D49496-1
Interface Fitting 1D49431-1
Mirror 340628
Mirror, Folding 340674
Lens Assembly, Field 340640
Gyro Assembly, Mast 1D49815-1
Thick Film Assembly 1D41660-1
Rod Holder 13034331
Panel Assembly, Inte 13160213
Imux Prom 1D49210-1
Wedge Assembly 340781-2
Wire Harness, Interf 1D49338-1
Lead Assembly 8502188-901
Module Assembly 8501526-901
Isolator Assembly 1D49489-503
Isolator 1D49448-7
Insulation 1D51123-9
Isolator 1D49613-5
Isolator 1D49704-5
Insulator 1D49401-5
Mast Mounted Sight 1D49200-505
Cover Assembly 7-319510010
Panel, Support Fire 7-319510012
Thermal Control Uni 1D49289-503
Generator, Electronic Marker 16VE123003-6
Rod, Laser 338198
Pump Assembly 11507758
Mount, Grip 11507915
Power Supply Module 13160306
Aperture 11559625
Cover, Connector 5040-7723
Cursor Assembly 1384
Nipple Assembly 4106-06BX-E0
Support, Azimuth Gea 1D51079-1
Support Elevation M 1D51059-1
Insulator 1D49852-3
Bracket Assembly, Tu 1D49764-501
Plug 1D51065-3
Mirror, Folding Tvs 340634
Cell, Folding Mirro 340636
Cell, Folding Mirro 340741
Pole Piece 350242
Cap, Magnet 350243
Fitting, Hydraulic 350168-3
Shutter 350134-1
Housing Assembly-fo 350142
Clamp, Shroud 1D51002-1
Baffle, Glare 340624
Shutter- Fov Motor 350134-2
Wire Harness, Interf 1D49338-501
Converter, Signal Da 2993412
Converter, Signal 5864352
Converter, Signal Data 3279516
Converter, Signal Data 2993421
Converter, Signal Data 2837301
Liner, Lower Bearing 1D49892-501
Wedge Assembly, Fil 340655
Counterweight 340959
Clip 76590-047
Converter, Signal Data 2993445
Converter, Signal Data 2993453
Converter, Signal Data 3279911
Hand Pump, Coolant 1D49270-1
Generator, Electronic Marker 8000282-930
Block, Retaining 8501320
Sttm Carring Case 13040120
Ldrmcarring Case 13040110
Sensor Assembly, Lig 8502059-901
Sensor Assembly, Lig 8502059-902
Housing 13142555
Laser Designator Ra 13040121
Focus Module, Plated 8502102-901
Generator, Electronic Marker CP-1821/A
Cap, Assembly Fill 13160340
Stabilized Tracking 13040221
Cable, High Voltage 13160371

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