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Fire Control Designating And Indicating Equipment - FSC 1260

Turret, Gun, Torpedo Mount, And Searchlight Indicating Equipment; Target Designating Equipment; Synchro Systems.
Last Modified: Jul 06, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Carrying Case, Ldrm 11509145
Pouch, Cover 11509146
Electron Tube Assembly 8001280-930
Pouch, Cover 11509147
Generator, Electronic Marker 8000282-923
Housing Assembly Transmitter 13142563
Adjust Driver Assembly 13160402
Attenuator Filter 13012678
Sight Synchroni Set 86020A0000
Window Assembly, Tvs 1D51072-501
Submodule, Turret Re 1D49830-9
Gyro Electronics 1D49460-503
Preamplifier Assemb 60710310-9
Postamplifier Assem 60710340-9
Generator, Electronic Marker 16VE123003-11
Gauge Assembly 1D49271-15
Drain Assembly 1D49271-27
Shield, Pockel Cell 60710319-1
Bridge, Support Fil 60710438-9
Thermal Imaging Sen 340500-502
Optical Boresight S 340800-501
Detector Preamplifi 13160413
Cavity Box Assembly 60710070-9
Input Filter Assemb 60710150-9
Pockels Cell Driver 60710180-9
Cooling System Asse 60710090-19
Hand Pump, Assembly 1D54253-1
Split Cycle Stirlin 350483-301
Shroud, Airflow 13034147
Sensor Support Asse 1D51352-501
Panel, Indicator 5926130
Telescope Assembly 60710170-9
De-ioniser Sub-asse C3280/24192
Test Support System 1D50963-503
Indicator, Digital 351-29237-005
End Reflector 3280/34273
End Clamp 3280/34274
Spacer Assy 340822
Trigger Transformer 60710117-19
Fitting Assembly, Lo 1D54288-501
Base, Thermal Shield 350043-3
Shield, Thermal 350043-9
Telescope Assembly 340820
Swing Inductor 350104-001
Hybrid, Video Amplif 72019-1
Thermal Imaging Sen 340500-503
Target Designator, L 13034340
Thermal Imaging Sen 340500-504
Casualty Weapon Di 66612-000
Optical Boresight S 340800-502
Auto Focus Assembly 350150-301
Collar Assembly, Rea 13027251
Range Receiver Asse 60700450-19
Mount, Solenoid, Lens 60710459-9
Sensor Assembly 73140-501
Gyro Assembly, Mast 1D49815-501
Display Unit, Multifunction 148000-3
Control-indicator Subassembly 1679954
Cover, Fire Control Instrument LD414472
Cover, Fire Control Instrument 6302713
Cover, Fire Control Instrument 6302714
Cover, Fire Control Instrument 6302712
Flange, Resetter 8668615
Indicator, Bearing L200 015 330
Indicator, Elevation 7572817-041
Optical Assembly Re 60710430-9
Ground Support Equipment 1D50625-1
Generator, Display, Programmable 16VE473003
Indicator, Elevation 3202323
Handle Assembly 781407-2
Optical Assembly Re 60710460-29
Rod, Laser 60710839-1
Indicator, Bearing 408110-S3306
Display Unit, Multifunction 948-111700-504
Case, Laser Range Finder-target D 39100076
Display Unit, Multifunction 16VE123001-101
Window Assembly, Tvs 1D86967-1
Case, Laser Range Finder-target D 13079028
Backboard, Special V5634261-01
Display Unit Assy, Control V5634273-02
Panel Assy, Burnin, Special V5634253-04
Target Designator Set, Electro-op 76002500-109
Split-cycle, Cooler 350483-303
Shutter 350134-3
Generator, Display, Programmable 16VE682003-20
Tv Sub Assembly 350250-301
Generator, Display, Programmable 8517625-931
Generator, Display, Progammable 8517624-920
Generator, Display P 16VE473003-6
Target Designator Set, Electro-op 40150003
Control-display Sys 8521308-902
Control-display Sys 8521308-903
Laser Warning Assem 7578799-011
Cryostat, Infrared B19669-1
Detector-dewar Assembly, Infrared VG02E001-0001
Display, Multifuncti 8520900-920
Generator, Display, Programmable 8517624-921
Base, Obs 340848
Indicator, Bearing ID-5153/MVY-502
Display Unit, Multifunction IP-1525/A

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