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Fire Control Designating And Indicating Equipment - FSC 1260

Turret, Gun, Torpedo Mount, And Searchlight Indicating Equipment; Target Designating Equipment; Synchro Systems.
Last Modified: Sep 21, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Rod 184130PC2
Reflector 184126PC5
Bezel 261781PC1
Plate 262898PC9
Follower 262891PC6
Slide BP14251
Disc 263490PC4
Lock Assembly 263648PC2
Retainer 263637PC3
Stop 263635PC1
Chassis 263616PC1
Lock Assembly 263648PC1
Case 263610PC1
Lock Assembly 263604PC1
Lock Assembly 270173PC2
Card 270282PC2
Shaft 271521PC1
Trigger, Top 271522PC2
Trigger, Bottom 271522PC1
Guide 271522PC12
Strip 271522PC8
Guide 271522PC13
Fork 271537PC2
Box Assembly, Gun Status Display 6720-78036-1
Hub 347427PC4
Gear Assembly 347477PC2
Gear Assembly 347479PC2
Reflector 347480PC1
Reflector 347480PC2
Reflector 347480PC3
Reflector 347480PC4
Mask 347510PC3
Ring 347520PC3
Input Assembly 352008PC1
Ring 352008PC3
Gear Assembly 352010PC1
Slide Assembly 352016PC1
Plate 263671PC1
Dial 269564PC5
Index 269564PC8
Stop, Top 271521PC4
Stop 271522PC11
Lever 197014PC3
Dial 698321
Cap 158386PC9
Gear 216764PC1
Hub 252640PC6
Hub 347424PC5
Bracket 263476PC6
Casing 375532PC1
Reflector 375534PC1REVA
Half Moon 375534PC3
Seat 343606PC9
Shaft Assembly 347520PC1
Gear Assembly 347451PC1
Gear Assembly 347519PC1
Shaft 280569PC1
Clutch 281193PC3
Window 280850PC4
Hub 316192PC2
Clamp 316192PC4
Dial And Hub 216765PC90
Seat 315458PC8
Shaft 315937PC1
Lock 326187PC3
Mounting 326189PC1
Chart 326191PC1
Scale Assembly 326194PC2
Post Assembly 326194PC7
Post 326194PC8
Nut Assembly 347474PC6
Nut Assembly 347474PC10
Shoe Assembly 347477PC7
Shoe Assembly 347477PC10
Handle Assembly 347518-1REVA
Engraving 351997PC2
Gear Assembly 352012PC4
Mask 352031PC2
Dial 231312PC8
Deflector 366890PC6
Hub 366891PC2
Indicator 394719PC7
Shaft 343582PC1
Pointer 343584PC2
Clamp 343584PC5
Gear 343600PC5
Bracket 344027PC1
Slide 344027PC2
Plunger 344027PC3
Spacer 344027PC10
Cap 366892PC12
Guard 366898PC3
Lock 366906PC2
Cam 366907PC8
Snubber 366910PC6
Shaft 366914PC2
Dial 317328PC5
Ring Assembly 197050PC1
Head 197108PC1
Roller Assembly 196965PC4

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