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Fire Control Designating And Indicating Equipment - FSC 1260

Turret, Gun, Torpedo Mount, And Searchlight Indicating Equipment; Target Designating Equipment; Synchro Systems.
Last Modified: Jan 25, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Guide 197025PC3
Stop 197028PC4
Plunger 197029REVL3PC5
Dial SK98993
Guide 216760PC5
Worm 216735PC1
Pin Assembly 212928PC1
Coupling 218536PC7
Roller 218743PC6
Dial Assembly SK168821PC181
Shield Assembly 212956PC2
Clamp 212956PC14
Plate 231308PC1
Housing 219274PC3
Shield 219274PC6
Hub 183469PC1
Hub 183469PC2
Dowel Assembly 177014PC2
Dowel Assembly 177014PC48
Valve 267634GP90
Panel, Indicator LD631972
Indicator Electroch 2200809
Pressure Finger AA2981
Lead, Electrical 197009PC11
Screw, Adjusting 269018PC7
Screw, Adjusting 269018PC8
Nut, Strap 1181760PC1REVA
Nut, Strap ZA2031007PC2
Contact, Stationary 104312PC11
Choke, Air Core 270485PC1
Head 271507-6
Housing 394714PC1
Limiter BUWEPSDWG996107
Plate, Right Hand 1798-1242PC1
Chain And Keeper LD133808ITEM1
Differential Assemb LD261506PC15
Roller Contact Assembly 212544PC3
Head Assembly 271561PC1
Handle, Handwheel 8Z1118PC4
Indicator, Elevation 68C35111
Cover, Mask 1836695
Extension 269207PC3
Indicator, Train Modulator MK61M0D0
Indicator, Bearing MK10M0D0
Indicator, Bearing MK10M0D3
Indicator, Bearing 997818
Indicator, Bearing 997831
Run And Depth Assem 785220
Cam Disc, Gyro 955749
Cam Disc, Gyro 955750
Cam Disc, Gyro 955751
Cam Disc, Gyro 955752
Brush Rigging Assembly 956026
Clutch Plate Assembly 1021020
Clutch 1021092
Clutch Plate Assy 1021096
Pin Assy, Zero 1021142
Pin Assy, Zero 1021143
Pin Assy, Zero 1021144
Pin Assy, Zero 1021149
Pin Assy, Zero 1021150
Slip Ring Assy 1387511
Clutch And Handwheel 956028
Drive Assy, Angle LD395145
Winding, Motor, Field 197052PC1
Dial Assembly, Rotor 280383PC90
Gear And Hub 554383
Network, Symbol O 1258795
Dial And Hub SK168820PC586
Key Assy 763794
Unit, Follow Up LD105795
Retainer Assy 1053954PC1
Retainer Assy 1053954PC2
Retainer Assy 1053954PC3
Yoke Assy 146509PC5
Disc, Indicator 891730
Terminal, Coil 97709PC3
Retainer, Slip 177014PC22
Strap, Terminal 183555PC9
Plate 197025PC7
Dial 394720PC2
Separator, Ball 837918
Adapter 180695PC3
Weight Assy 326144PC2
Worm Gear Set LD260445PC1
Shield, Light 183743PC3
Dial, Bearing 249159PC6
Index 343589PC2
Index 343589PC3
Cover, Fuse Block 366889PC1
Chain And Coupling 375535PC4
Plate 394713-6
Window 466824PC2
Differential Assy 315929PC90
Differential Assy PL315929PC93
Differential Assy LD167990PC7
Dial And Hub SK168806PC972
Regulator Assy, Rece PL315938
Dial And Hub Assy SK168820PC587
Indicator, Gun Train SK90333PC10

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