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Fire Control Designating And Indicating Equipment - FSC 1260

Turret, Gun, Torpedo Mount, And Searchlight Indicating Equipment; Target Designating Equipment; Synchro Systems.
Last Modified: Jul 09, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Roller Contact Assy 212544PC4
Shaft, Worm 252642PC1
Ring Assy, Electrical 270012PC1
Reflector 835252
Rigging Assy 263466PC1
Plate, Dial 280893PC1
Cable Assy, Power, El 8292837
Indicator SK63537
Indicator SK63544
Gasket, Rubber 216731PC4
Damp And Stop Assem 263313
Spring, Brush Holder 279619PC79
Ring, Dial 280384PC6
Unit, Synchro Supply 292685PC1
Bracket Assembly 663997PC1
Hub 1369427
Electric Brake Suba 710664
Screen Assy 1799-1069GP1
Dowel Assembly, Slip 177014PC27
Brush, Rigging 212903PC2
Spring 212927PC9
Rail 218744PC2
Hub, Coupling 404529PC1
Hub, Coupling 404529PC2
Tube 554352
Dzus Fastener 972793PC71
Cup 972795PC1
Plug Assembly LD257245PC66
Designator, Train SK107191
Transmitter SK108626
Spool, Center 97706PC3
Spool, End 97706PC4
Board, Plug 102694PC1
Board, Plug 102694PC17
Plug And Gasket Assembly 102696PC4
Gear, Spider 146352PC4
Holder Assembly PL146511-1
Adapter 172392
Box 172494-1
Dowel Assembly 177014PC3
Dowel Assembly 177014PC24
Support 183555PC12
Shutter, Light 183651PC1
Shield, Light 183743PC4
Rigging 197009PC1
Ring Assembly 197010PC1
Piece 197011PC8
Bracket Assembly 197011PC14
Ring Assembly 197033PC1
Ring Assembly 197036PC3
Gear 197108PC2
Head Assembly 26156
Screw 197214PC6
Plug And Lamp 197505PC9
Bearing, Shaft 212518PC3
Roller Assembly 212518PC9
Handle 212642PC1
Disc, Friction 212946PC6
Magnetic Assembly 212946PC10
Window 216758PC3
Hub, Dial 249159PC4
Disc 252640PC7
Plate Assy 262571PC10
Guide, Rail 262887PC2
Guide, Rail 262887PC3
Insulation 262898PC6
Disc, Friction 263356PC5
Disc, Friction 263356PC11
Disc, Friction 263359PC4
Hub 263367PC11
Tube, Insulating 263530PC36
Ring Assembly 263536PC1
Piston T5994230PC5
Crosshead T5994231PC18
Valve Assy, Air 394715-13
Separator 271497PC75
Plate, Adjusting 271498PC5
Disc 271520PC5
Shaft, Worm 271531PC5
Gear 271531PC6
Rod 271540PC9
Controller, Gyro 271593
Coil Set, Common 279619PC61
Bracket 315582PC3
Cover Assembly 316114PC1
Brush Assembly 317280PC7
Stop Assembly 317280PC8
Shaft Assembly, Driv 317280PC9
Bracket 317289PC1
Post, Spring 326187PC5
Shaft 343564PC2
Shaft 343564PC5
Shaft 343566PC5
Shaft 343575PC2
Shaft 343582PC5
Guide 343589PC4
Shaft 343592PC2
Shaft 343595PC4
Shaft 343595PC7
Shaft 343606PC2

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