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Fire Control Designating And Indicating Equipment - FSC 1260

Turret, Gun, Torpedo Mount, And Searchlight Indicating Equipment; Target Designating Equipment; Synchro Systems.
Last Modified: Sep 23, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Shaft 344252PC3
Shaft 344252PC6
Shaft 344253PC3
Cover 344254PC5
Shaft 344254PC6
Cam 344256PC3
Lever 344256PC4
Point, Cam 344256PC7
Clip 344256PC9
Plate, Dial 344258PC1
Seat, Lockwasher 344258PC2
Gear Assembly, Spur 347472PC2
Gear Assembly 347473PC1
Reflector 347480PC11
Plug 347511PC11
Gear And Hub Assembly 352011PC2
Gear Assembly, Idler 352012PC1
Plate, Bearing 366888PC1
Housing, Bearing 366888PC4
Hub 366890PC3
Hub 366900PC4
Frame, Window 366902PC1
Cover, Fire Control Instrument 366904PC2
Disc, Caging 366908PC9
Carrier, Slide 366914PC4
Arm, Lock 366914PC5
Plate, Locking 366914PC6
Cover, Fire Control Instrument 375533PC2
Case 375535PC5
Clamp 394715PC2
Bushing 394715PC6
Hub 394715PC7
Bracket 394716PC2
Ring 394719PC4
Ring 394720PC3
Plate, Index 422436PC5
Plate 422436PC9
Adapter, Bearing A80386PC1
Mount, Rubber 709931PC3
Ring 1010402
Plate, Backing 1798-1229PC1
Plate, Backing 1798-1229PC2
Plate, Backing 1798-1229PC3
Plate, Backing 1798-1229PC4
Gear Segment, Spur 1244320
Armrest Assembly 1244331
Scale, Ray Tube 1369431
Differential Assembly LD167990PC2
Differential Assembly LD167990PC5
Differential Assembly LD167990PC6
Differential Assembly LD167990PC16
Dial LD257242PC31
Dial And Hub LD257242PC33
Dial And Hub, Pointer LD257242PC34
Gear Set, Worm LD257242PC74
Dial And Hub LD257245PC6
Dial And Hub LD257245PC29
Dial And Hub LD257245PC31
Plate And Reflector LD257245PC64
Dial And Hub LD260617PC78
Dial And Hub LD260617PC82
Dial And Hub LD260617PC83
Dial And Hub LD260622PC17
Dial And Hub LD261493PC9
Differential Assemb LD261506PC8
Dial And Hub LD261523PC3
Gear Set, Bevel LD261524PC16
Gear Set, Bevel LD261524PC21
Gear Set, Bevel LD261524PC31
Gear Set, Bevel LD261524PC36
Worm And Wormwheel LD261524PC59
Gear Set, Bevel LD261524PC60
Indicator, Torpedo C LD58649
Indicator, Sight Set SK61071
Indicator, Bearing SK91375
Indicator, Fuze Sett SK91449
Indicator, Fuze Sett SK91506
Indicator SK92783
Indicator, Gun Train SK106075PC9
Indicator, Gun Train SK139991
Dowel Assembly 177014PC45
Disc, Spring 212928PC2
Cover, Training Indi 697481
Cover, Fire Control Instrument LD46293
Gear And Hub Assemb 637499
Idler Assembly 75-212
Cover, Fire Control Instrument 0S04012
Indicator, Elevation LD105675
Indicator, Director SK63596
Indicator, Bearing SK63680
Amplifier 698673
Amplifier SK107605
Tram Assy C97239
Receiver Assembly SK60142
Plate, Rectangular 184057PC7
Driver, Nut 1021444
Dial And Hub Assemb LD261355ITEM3
Stop Assembly, Right 212949PC3
Spacer 218747PC6
Spacer 263351PC9

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