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Fire Control Designating And Indicating Equipment - FSC 1260

Turret, Gun, Torpedo Mount, And Searchlight Indicating Equipment; Target Designating Equipment; Synchro Systems.
Last Modified: Jul 14, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Washer, Motor 269309PC6
Spacer 271542PC6
Spacer 280384PC5
Spacer 315937PC3
Hub, Adjusting 330760PC9
Seal, Light 347481PC12
Washer 347518PC7
Disc, Friction 366891PC15
Gear, Multiple 366893PC1
Stud, Threaded 394713PC3
Bezel, Circular 394720PC4
Ring Segment, Circul 1010400
Pin 1798-1034PC1
Tape 75-040
Joy Stick Assembly 1798-5006GP1
Gear Segment 1798-1301PC1
Damper Assembly 1798-5003GP1
Damper Assembly 1369434
Dial And Hub LD261523PC4
Disk LD261523PC31
Gear Set, Bevel LD261524PC30
Indicator, Fuse Sett SK93535
Lightwell 194617PC1
Packing, Sheet 279702PC7
Box, Capacitor 427013PC1
Box, Capacitor 427013GP3
Box, Capacitor 427013GP5
Cover, Transmitter LD46235
Cover Assembly, Canv LD105577
Ordnance Alteration 0RDALT7551
Grip Assy 7665465
Lead Assy 7666002
Rod Assy 7666854
Turret Assy 7666856
Indicator, Elevation 7665170
Flange Assy 5700682
Shaft, Pointer 7051739
Stop Assy 212949PC4
Index 1396998
Contact Assy, Electr 381605PC1
Gear Indicator Idle 5345701
Cover 7666480
Unit, Control BUWEPSLD275248
Control Panel 109 0 401005
Indicator LD61834
Indicator LD281115
Indicator, Bearing A 997826
Indicator, Designati 0S030104
Retainer 7970863
Cover 5582051
Relay, Overload 479829PC1
Switch Assembly, Elevation 7666403
Ring 987634
Board Assembly 250010
Board Assembly 250030
Board Assembly 250050
Board Assembly 250170
Board Assembly 250180
Board Assembly 250250
Board Assembly 250950
Board Assembly 250020
Board Assembly 250040
Board Assembly 250070
Board Assembly 250080
Board Assembly 250410
Board Assembly 250780
Board Assembly 250790
Board Assembly 250900
Switch 1342478
Designation Equipme LD298329
Indicator, Torpedo C LD290166
Plug Assy, Drain 212529PC5
Contact, Roller And 212518PC1
Contact Assy, Electr 1352880
Contact Assy, Electral 1352881-2
Dial And Hub Assy LD260622PC18
Power Supply, Potted GA10551
Reactor, Saturable GA10633
Reactor, Saturable GA10634
Reactor, Saturable GA10635
Reactor, Saturable GA10642
Reactor, Saturable GA10645
Power Supply, Potted GA10706
Power Supply, Potted GA10705
Contact Assembly 1259327
Cable Assy Power El 8292840
Filter, Light 1439392
Scale-cathode Ray T 1439425
Scale-cathode Ray T 1439426
Cable Assy, Power El 8292839
Panel Assy 1201085
Link 6179426
Cover, Brazed 6179457
Bracket, Stroke Cont 6179508
Panel Mask Ind 4054542-00
Gear Box Assy 808545
Indicator, Recommend LD281212
Adapter 6271262
Indicator Subasse B YJ1798-5006G2
Damper Assy 1798-5065G2

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