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Fire Control Transmitting And Receiving Equipment, Except Airborne - FSC 1265

Fire Control Transmitters, Transmitter-receivers, Receivers, Receiver-regulators.
Last Modified: Jul 06, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Arm Assembly, Wiper 479904PC10
Lock 481134PC3
Plate 505934PC2
Handle, Clutch 554367
Cam 554370
Housing 554373
Stop 554379
Gear Assembly 554385
Hub 269139PC4
Hub 366988PC8
Key 422260PC7
Key 592685PC7
Plug 297755PC12
Transmitter, Relay LD281379
Bellows 554402
Ring 422294PC1
Plate 136338PC1
Boot Assembly 594222
Hub 366993PC10
Gear Set, Miter, Modi N2-1-S-9001
Receiver Regulator, MK20M0D8
Receiver Regulator, Director Trai MK20M0D18
Governor Assembly 298459PC90
Coupling Assembly 481133PC2
Coupling Assembly 481153PC1
Coupling Assembly 554397
Conductor, Spiral 648713PC3
Segment, Drum 648717PC1
Converter, Bearing 17-0
Converter, Bearing LD275195
Converter, Bearing LD275193
Converter, Bearing LD275188
Converter, Bearing LD275187
Converter, Bearing LD275185
Transmitter, Relay 27-0
Transmitter, Relay 27-1
Receiver Regulator, Director Trai MK20M0D23
Receiver, Range 2-0
Reel, Cable 1-0
Converter, Bearing MK70
Harness Assy 481149PC1
Gear And Shaft, Beve 648697PC2
Gear, Cluster 1166041PC2
Gear 400649
Gear 1166043PC1
Spacer, Clamp 528400
Lug 528413
Lock, Shaft 528415
Ring 648711PC1
Coupling Assembly SP614PC1
Ring 1139136
Housing, Index 1300313PC2
Headrest Assy 1472844
Bellows 1472852
Bumper Assy 1482088
Cable Assy 1278322
Diagram 481103PC1
Drum 648712PC1
Clamp Assy, Cable 648933PC1
Servomechanism, Elevation, Range F 8585597
Lever Assy 110172PC2
Lever, Roller 110172PC8
Differential 297768PC1
Differential Assemb 297768PC3
Gear Head Assy 12981
Gear Head Assy 12943
Gear Head Assy 12944
Coupling, Fle, Ible 110172PC91
Base 183946PC3
Pin 194916PC6
Plate Assy 212927PC5
Hub Assembly 213041PC1
Plate, Friction 213041PC9
Disc 263126PC9
Flywheel 298450PC10
Dowel 315416PC4
Cap 316056PC1
Shaft 404529PC3
Cap Assy 417324PC6
Gimbal Ring Assy T9014431PC13
Plate, Friction 481136PC3
Gear, Multiple 481137PC3
Bezel Assy 481148PC1
Bracket Assy 481152PC2
Bracket 481155PC1
Fitting Assy 481164PC2
Elbow 481166PC1
Flange Assy 481201PC1
Swivel 505905PC2
Support 505911PC1
Sleeve 505916PC3
Lever 505922PC1
Lock 505922PC2
Lever 505924PC3
Lever 505931PC1
Cradle 505932PC1
Handle 505933PC1
Lever 505936PC1
Plug 505951PC4
Guard 505953PC3

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