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Fire Control Transmitting And Receiving Equipment, Except Airborne - FSC 1265

Fire Control Transmitters, Transmitter-receivers, Receivers, Receiver-regulators.
Last Modified: Jul 03, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Stop 554342
Lifter Assembly 554394
Shaft 592684PC5
Key 592685PC3
Scraper Assembly 592720PC90
Gear And Hub 646109
Stop, Limit 704742PC105
Stop, Limit 704742PC244
Stop, Limit 704742PC260
Stop, Limit 704742PC316
Stop, Limit 705427PC2
Gear And Hub 874162
Seal Assembly LD257241ITEM6
Leg Assembly LD257241PC8
Connector Assy LD257241ITEM11
Handle Assy LD257241PC12
Connector Assy LD257242PC11
Connector Assy LD257242PC12
Gear And Shaft Asse 592684
Ring Assembly LD257242PC23
Ring Assembly LD2572421TEM24
Blade Assembly LD257242PC73
Dial And Hub Assy LD261355PC2
Handle Assembly LD261493PC33
Transmitter SK108677
Gearing Assy SK139146
Adapter 192670PC6
Ring 194931PC8
Pad 194985PC11
Plate, Index 269516PC3
Hub, Lead Angle 366991PC1
Handle 381525PC9
Handle 381582-3
Handle 381615PC5
Label, Diagram 481160
Template 577729PC1
Differential Assy LD167990PC13
Diaphragm 414981PC5
Spring 177101PC6
Puller 212722PC315
Contact, Center 212923PC11
Retainer Assembly 213041PC11
Retainer 213074PC25
Housing 592690PC1
Shaft 422293PC1
Receiver, Change Ran SK60137
Cap 481174PC2
Sleeve 648719PC2
Gear Assy, Spur 648723PC6
Gear And Hub 700983
Gear And Shaft 1139064
Index 1139142
Yoke, Hoisting 1300307
Transmitter Subassembly 381582PC4
Transmitter Subassembly 422282PC2
Cover, Housing 592694PC1
Transmitter Subassembly 2835655
Cap, Dial 12988
Transmitter Assy 417290PC2
Key Assy, Drive 1139843
Transmitter, Relay LD497392
Clamp BP238
Converter LD291327
Transmitter, Bearing LD46301PC8
Transmitter LD46301PC9
Transmitter, Bearing LD46301PC10
Transmitter, Relay LD275267
Enclosure, Watertigh 1361470
Transmitter Subassembly 29914ITEM1
Dial Light Assembly LD395376
Transmitter, Target LD105670
Toroid Assy 1655684PC2
Toroid Assy 1655684PC3
Toroid Assy 1806667PC2
Toroid Assy 1655685PC2
Toroid Assy 1655685PC1
Stop Assy 322127PC14
Servo Module Assemb LD497443
Servo Module Assemb LD497444
Amplifier 1836479
Amplifier 1850228
Amplifier LD497808
Amplifier LD497812
Amplifier LD497814
Transmitter, Relay LD298402
Receiver-transmitter Subassembly 3063412
Stop Assy 1786962-16
Stop Assy 1786962PC15
Stop Assy 1786962-17
Stop Assy 1786962-13
Gear Assy 1836896
Gear Assy 1836897
Gear Assy 1836899
Gear Assy 1836900
Spring, Negator N4183
Roller 755533
Roller 755537
Spool, Retainer 755541
Cable Assy D5953
Receiver, Headset 1627293

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