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Aircraft Gunnery Fire Control Components - FSC 1270

Turrets, Aircraft; Computers, Specifically Designed; Complete Gyro Mechanisms.
Last Modified: May 30, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Mounting 757775-501
Cover 435-11-0454
Coupling 435-11-0711
Mounting 435-15-0011
Coupling 435-17-0290
Insert 435-19-2017
Collet Shaft 435-19-2018
Ring 435-70-0012
Mounting, Frequency GE663
Cover, Electrical Eq 416578
Support Assy, Radar 170-74029
Plate, Waveguide DV6203-4
Arm, Actuator 412879
Housing, Actuator 412872
Switch, Rotary, Motor Driven 973513-1
Bracket, Mounting 412859
Bracket, Mounting 412857
Support Arm J21P0003-5
Support Arm J21P0003-6
Cover, Emergency Sea 95157
Flight Data Compute 410638
Gear, Spur, Antenna 412573
Insulator, Control 401893-1
Cover Assy, Cell, Sig 829826
Duct Assy, Aircraft 466190-100
Hinge, Electrical Eq 409192-95
Mounting, Housing, Ho 412832
Positioner, Ram, Comp 106601-2
Waveguide, Discrimin 411095
Riveting Assy, Brack 101672
Stop, Au, Iliary Cent 94546
Stop, Au, Iliary Cent 94547
Retainer Subassy, Ca 2-00000-441
Spring, Subassy, Au, I 96315
Adapter, Aided Rate 93698
Cover, Aided Rate Se 93790
Clamp, Cable, Control 97652-11
Controller, Voltage 411101
Housing, Ranging Uni 98941
Coupling And Shaft 412862
Bracket, Hydraulic T 2-00002-140
Block Assy, Gun Turr 100580
Strap, Shield Hood, T 372B27759
Plate, Side Shield H 372B27758
Spline Shaft Subass 2-00001-711
Shaft, Spline, Magnet 2-0002-137
Weight, Azimuth Gimb 370C23319
Weight, Port, Wavegui 370C23333
Shaft, Mirror Pivot, 810225
Panel, Indicator, Azi 7431805G1
Cover, Control Unit 413551
Clamp, Cable 2-00000-480
Strap Assy, Transmit 2-00001-344
Clamp, Terminal Bo, X 161B21491
Cable Clamp Assy, Co 97652-12
Bushing, Zero Pin, Gi 370B22405
Coupling, Shaft, Flan 7007670P4
Phase Shifter, Waveg 48633
Bracket, Mounting, Ho 810251
Ring, Mounting, Dome 809150
Segment, Mount, Dome, 809151
Valve, Check, Pressur 232-009-0002
Arm, Mirror Bracket 810211
Housing, Radar Mirro 810206
Cover, Housing, Radar 810224
Dome, Flanged, Head A 810111
Window And Prism As 810036
Reticle, Gyro 1346358
Bracket 875332
Housing, Lamp 875335
Velocity Computer A 875593
Output Assy 875601
Reflector, Adjustable R430-80
Block, Local Oscilla 7007963P1
Shim, Azimuth Gear C 370C29522
Mixer, Stage, Frequen 7704205G1
Converter LD286876
Cell Assy, Lens, Hous 810262
Cap ST-656-100
Converter Subassy, S 415885
Spring, Helical, Comp 417070
Coupling Unit, Azimu 400034-1
Base Subassembly, Se 96280
Base, Combining Glass 123D5837G1
Bracket, Elevation 153C5753P1
Flash Lamp, Laser 627R641G01
Visor Assembly, Nose 637R515G01
Monitor, Laser Trans 637R399G01
Derotation Drive Assembly 627R725G01
Nose Section, Pod 637R163G01
Retainer, Laser Tran 627R767H01
Modulator Driver, Laser Transmitt 637R510G01
Filter Assembly, Sensor 637R385G01
Holder, Mounting Rec 435-56-0011
Pod Assembly, Cockpit 629R437G01
Range Indicator, Fire Control 631R224G02
Transmitter, Laser 631R231G01
Receiver, Laser 637R431G01
Coupling, V-band 619R943G01
Optical Assembly, Integrated Lase 581R522H03

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