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Aircraft Gunnery Fire Control Components - FSC 1270

Turrets, Aircraft; Computers, Specifically Designed; Complete Gyro Mechanisms.
Last Modified: May 31, 2020

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Main Brush Assy, Rol A5072
Tube Subassy, Hydrau 2-00003-353
Lens Assembly, Laser 710-0068
Track, Relay Drive 710-1276
Lens Assy 415199
Adapter, Blower, Uppe 574556-7
Bracket Assembly 102639
Shield Marking, Atte 435-11-0789
Retainer 435-11-0788
Electrical Synchron 401040
Hose Assembly, Hydraulic 422R585G04
Hose Assembly, Hydraulic 422R585G03
Seal Strip, Sensor Assembly 422R580H01
Button, Laser Pod 427R173H01
Clamp Assembly, Split 582R452H01
Coupling, Sensor Assembly 422R736H01
Transformer And Accelerometer Mo 123D6281G1
Panel Assy, Computin 8554171
Resistor And Connec 8554439
Plate, Drive Housing 8554166
Reflector, Combining 8554636
Cover Assy, Mirror D 8554174
Pivot, Reflector 8554232
Desiccator Assy, Sig 8554244
Contact 435-11-0459
Duct Assy, Air Cooli 417397
Duct Assy, Air Cooli 417396
Tubing Air Duct 417356
Clamp, Shaft 809297
Terminal Board And 800678
Plate, Mounting 107050
Components Board As 7731760G1
Terminal Board Assy 10667-307
Retainer Assembly, P 4B676WS
Bracket Assembly, Tu 2-00003-490
Control, Indicator 463072-120
Reticle Assembly, Optical Instrum J06A0015-3
Cable Assembly, Laser Pod 11083-201
Housing, Visor Large 10044204-101
Housing, Visor Medium 10044196-101
Cover Assembly, Dust 10044183-101
Visor Assembly, Large DARKVIS0RLARGE
Visor Assembly, Medium DARKVIS0RMEDIUM
Frame, Gyro 184F771G2
Calibration Subassembly, Gyro 135C4092G2
Servo And Track Assembly 637R387H01
Computer, Ballistics 427R439G01
Drive Assy, Azimuth 139C7816
Visor Assembly, Medium 10044170-102
Cover Assembly 3032837
Sight, Lead Computing, Automatic 2223-100
Preamplifier Assembly 301350
Tube Assembly, Vidicon 301343
Converter, Stabilization OA-8585/ASX-1
Vidicon Camera Assembly 301305
Preamplifier Assembly 301330
Lamp Base Assy 813846
Casting, Hydraulic 195100-1
Lead, Electrical 469265-801
Spring, Helical, Comp 419037
Adapter 1492998
Screw, Tuning DV6307M6-3
Clip, Frequency Conv 501-375
Cap, Eyepiece Assy 810269
Shim, Actuator 2-00002-605
Cap, Test Jack 372B42840
Valve, Manual Bleed P12-228
Clamp, Counterweight 370B40708
Heater, Calrod 810316
Retainer, Hemispheri 809967
Case, Transparent, Pl 18C152
Fastener Assy, Power 478941-503
Bracket, Mounting 407233
Contact Assy RD19962-2
Bracket, Vibration M 407227
Device, Antitorsion 75033-8
Valve, Suction 204-342
Isolator, Vibration K160SA1
Reticle Assy, Sight 197C200G1
Counterweight 372B26399-4
Bracket Assy, Dust C 415842A
Mechanism, Positioni 106689-1
Guide, Gun Mount 10019
Intervalometer, Miss 11198-1
Propeller, Fan, Centr 7116068P1
Cover, Sight Head As 178B575P2
Controller, Altitude 423247-110
Waveguide Assy 34322
Power Supply LD286932
Diode Assy 1492966
Stop Bracket And St 107222
Post, Mounting 106993
Cover, Vibration Dam 412955
Post, Mounting 107138-1
Spring, Retaining 370A22323
Support, Connector 107061
Plate, Mounting 108051
Bracket And Thermos 800717-2
Base, Servo Amplifie 108067
Gear Stop Assy 108012-2

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