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Aircraft Gunnery Fire Control Components - FSC 1270

Turrets, Aircraft; Computers, Specifically Designed; Complete Gyro Mechanisms.
Last Modified: May 31, 2020

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Clamp, Generator, Pul 7017885P1
Gyroscope Assy, Sigh 144D270G1
Magnet And Cover As 913B673G1
Door, Access, Power S 8412308-501
Door Access, Power S 8412307-501
Cover Assy, Power Su 643808-501
Cover, Television Mo 166756-501
Shield, Transmitter 428869
Cable Assy, Special 2-00003-479
Nut, Retaining, Recei RD20837-1-1
Gear Assy 809086
Gear Assy 809087
H-using, Horn 651050
Harness, Test 58A1H1
Gear Assy, Split 824355
Waveguide Assy 7733167P1
Plate, Mounting 103838
Plug, Housing 103788
Sight Assy, Fi, Ed Op 15010
Bracket, Harness 809688
Panel, Blank 402574
Panel, Blank 650660
Filter, Light, Cathode Ray Tube 503736
Cable Assembly, Radio Frequency 30F85252-1
Control, Armament Re RY416D
Transformer Assembl 463148-100
Mirror Assy, Beam Sp 197C275G1
End Cap 2-00006-104
End Cap 2-00006-102
Support.giode Rail 440576
Sensing Outfit Assy 60079-16
Lead, Formex Insulat 387B272P1
Guide Strip Set, Ref 55106
Waveguide Assy 431337
Condensing Lens Ass 68B35044
Ring Assy, Clamping 7704075P4
End Bell 130R1777
Float Assy 169D996G1
Terminal Board, Cont 430544-19
Washer, Stop 809564
Terminal Board, Cont 430544-15
Intervalometer, Rock 421-001-1
Guard, Blower RD29806-1
Terminal Board, Comp 430544-45
Terminal Board, Comp 430544-46
Terminal Board, Comp 430544-47
Stud, Lamp Changing 440716
Clip, Gear Assy 440597
Mount, Radar Equipme 41157-506
Waveguide Assy 41875-506
Cover, Synchronyzer 414015
Socket, Shield Assy 431221
Catch, Sliding Cover 440630
Heater Assy 810467
Waveguide Assy 430858-1
Harness Assy 5559502-503
Clutch, Brake MC6-1
Gear, Spur, Mounted 41785-506
Servomotor And Gear 913B710G1
Resistor And Hub As 913B779G1
Resistor And Gear A 913B719G1
Connector And Spark 41833-506
Insert, Transmitter, 10709-506
Filter, Light, Cathode Ray Tube 42455-506
Mounting, Switch, Tra 14476-506
Housing, Teleflek 2-00006-103
Nut, Plate 40123-306
Camera Attachment, S 145-0020
Filter Assembly, Light, Cathode Ra 435025-100
Counterbalance 115414-05
Gearshaft, Arm Contr 40090-202
Cover, Zero Pin 2020B49659
Plate, Switch Cover 2020R49855
Pin Assy, Zeroing 2020C49852
Nut, Zeroing Pin Spa 2020B49660
Ring, Zero Pin Cover 2020B49661
Case And Label Assy RD30101-2
Retainer, System Tri 13698-506
Waveguide Assy 46290
Adapter Assy, Boresi 370C46883
Bracket Assy, Actuat 2-00016-728
Plate, Mounting, Valv 2-00012-081
Plate, Mounting 568A168P1
Waveguide Assy 52103
Waveguide Assy 52108
Waveguide Assy 52119
Waveguide Assy 52120
Cover, Filter Assy, L 41786-506
Adapter, Impulse Noi 42065-506
Plate, Grommet 568A244P1
Handle, Installation 569A412P1
Generator And Compe 2-00015-139
Cover, Drive Assembl 614D102G1
Gear Shaft, Spur 672B190P1
Gear Shaft, Spur 672B188P1
Clamp Assembly, Powe 913B869G1
Detector, Phase 435240
Arm, Control, Azimuth 40128-306
Pivot, Drive Assy, Mi 672B332P1
Cap, Sealing 672B430P1

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