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Aircraft Gunnery Fire Control Components - FSC 1270

Turrets, Aircraft; Computers, Specifically Designed; Complete Gyro Mechanisms.
Last Modified: May 31, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Hub, Dial 569A510P2
Hub, Dial 569A510P1
Clamp, Wire 563A940P1
Shaft, Pivot 679B143P1
Shaft, Pivot 679B144P1
Adapter And Spline 309A813G1
Servomotor And Gear 913B699G1
Gear And Hub Assy 913B646G1
Cover And Handle As 913B332G1
Shaft, Gear, Spur 141-538
Support Assy, Frame 724C567G2
Support Assy, Frame 724C567G1
Strip, Retainer 202A132P2
Spring, Stop, Elevati 672B315P1
Screen Assy, Amplifi 913B588G1
Plate 317292
Stringer 320994-2
Stringer 320994-1
Gasket, Special 320999
Plate 320998
Strut, Special 320927-2
Strut, Special 320927-1
Plate, Reflector 317295
Cushion, Gunsight 317291-1
Cushion, Gunsight 317291-2
Shield 321030
Socket, Special 310475
Pad, Crash 320931
Nut, Special, Lens 306878
Nut, Coupling, Radio 42075-506
Cover Assy, Rear 724C561G1
Bracket Assy, Mounti 701C332G1
Flange, Duple, Er 8413206-501
Bumper, Rack Electri 8923454-1
Arm, Sight Assy 15015
Shaft, Gear 672B204P1
Retainer, Bearing 564A595P1
Shaft, Gear 563A733P1
Spring, Conical, Comp 913B626P1
Bushing, Eccentric 563A734P1
Connector Assy, Fle, 672B523G1
Shaft, Mirror Suppor 672B312P1
Shaft, Pivot, Gyro As 673B301P1
Shaft, Pivot, Gyro As 673B300P1
Bumper Assy, Gyro As 672B546G1
Stop, Reflector 15035
Plunger, Sight 15079
Guide, Support 55405
Lens, Sight 15036
Screw, Gear Shaft 913B350P1
Cover Assy 701C407G1
Support, Light Assy 913B341P1
Mount, Sight 29726
Stud, Dust Cover Spr 29042
Shim, Waveguide 28153
Bracket, Strip Actua 52565
Retainer, Spring 52225
Support, Leads 673B307P1
Cover, Motor Termina 29620
Mounting, Female, Ele 29725
Roller, Shield Belt 28116
Bracket, Mounting 52198
Plate, Pressure, Clut 52169
Retainer, Clutch 52173
Mounting, Female, Azi 41170
Mounting, Male Azimu 46099
Plate, Clutch 52168
Bracket, Mounting 52566
Vane Assy, Transduce 801876
Clamp, Brake 53613
Gear Sector, Azimuth 51930
Stop, Iris 440469
Brake, Electromagnet 53610
Clip, Base Antenna S 53633
Relay Assy E267
Stop, Elevation 51932
Gear Sector, Elevati 51931
Cable, Drive Assy 938A791P1
Shim, Shaft Mirror S 938A664P1
Shim, Shaft Mirror S 938A664P2
Journal, Reflector 53402
Waveguide Assy, Azim 52109
Gearshaft, Output 51866
Spring, Elevation St 51933
Washer, Gearcase Cla 46599
Support, Bracket, Ant 40130-306
Mounting, Indicator 42333-506
Disk, Spark Gap 41835-506
Spring, Stop, Travers 938A665P1
Lever, Strip Actuato 52153
Plate, Bearing Retai 55341
Plate, Torque Tube J 52197
Gearshaft Assy, Azim 526301-1
Washer, Gear, Elevati 570123-3
Shaft Drive Assy 672B281P1
Pivot, Yoke, Drive As 672B285P1
Plate, Azimuth Beari 42025
Pointer, Protractor 55392
Ring, Eccentric Mounting 28544
Journal, Universal B 52643

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