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Aircraft Gunnery Fire Control Components - FSC 1270

Turrets, Aircraft; Computers, Specifically Designed; Complete Gyro Mechanisms.
Last Modified: May 31, 2020

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Gasket, Seal Dual MT688-1
Gasket, Seal Dual MT787-1
Cap Assy, Panel, Indi 438249
Terminal Board, Etch 433191-10
Terminal Board, Etch 433191-22
Terminal Board, Etch 433191-41
Terminal Board, Etch 433191-43
Programmer Subassem 7636651G1
Programmer Subassem 7636653G1
Programmer Subassem 7636655G1
Amplifier 193179-1
Gear, Generator 195245-1
Valve, Spool Hydraul 195108-1
Mixer Assembly 7634658G1
Block, Slide, Gun 580115-3
Hub, Gear, Sighthead, 913B645P2
Pilot, Servo, Sight, O 914B294P1
Amplifier, Control A 43800-506-61
Mechanism, Positioni 106689-2
Panel, Edge Lighted 942956-506
Case, Transparent, Pl 18C2-13ABCDHJNPSS
Case, Transparent, Pl 18C1-13ABCKLM
Case, Transparent, Pl 18C2-13ACFKM
Case, Transparent, Pl 18C2-15ACJPS
Case, Transparent, Pl 18C2-15DHJNPRS
Case, Transparent, Pl 18C3-13
Case, Transparent, Pl 18C4-13ZFGLPR
Case, Transparent, Pl 18C5-13ABCDEFHJ
Cord, Lacing A2000-9
Computer, Range GE704-3
Antenna, Radar 43710-506-21
Inverter Focus 712981-802
Gear, Cam 11187
Indicator, Liquid Le 464281-150
Gear, Armament Contr 40284-202
Gear, Armament Contr 40298-202
Gear 40360-202-7
Transmitter, Radar 40671-506
Coupler, Waveguide 43810-506
Waveguide Assy 615608-1
Gasket, Armament Con 46130-506-3
Eliminator Synchron 47558-506
Mount, Sight 10553489
Converter, Signal Data 464720-151MD1
Modulator 107B7206P1
Sight, Optical Displ 171E840G6
Antenna, Radar 56200
Amplifier 40400-506
Computer, Armament C 615597-9
Fitting, Tube 222109
Plate, Switch 454121
Drive, Transmitter 40970-304-11
Block, Mounting 3035260
Post, Idler 554-4657-001
Panel, Front, Control 772-0158-002
Synchronizer, Electrical 193175-2
Indicator Clearence 615609-5
Case And Fastener, C 687D145G3
Base, Pressurization RG18801
Resolver And Gear Assembly 11687602
Guard Harness 11687638
Cam Follower 11687606
Grip Assembly, Rh 11687505
Grip Assembly, Lh 11687504
Generator, Reference Signal 47554-506
Spark Gap 40422-506
Control, Indicator 48242-506-31
Generator, Reference Signal 48888-506-21
Socket Assembly 11687522
Spring, Return 113B4113P1
Gear And Shaft Asse 701C503P1
Control, Radar Calib 47526-506
Computer, Roll 41145-506
Retainer Assembly, C 4B526WS
Resistor And Gear A 580084-301
Disk, Rupture 4459-0112
Glass, Reflector 676924
Gasket, Cover 60A6C19
Clamp, Relay 59A87B27
Mount Assembly 59A87C38
Range Unit Assembly 59A87F5
Shell Assembly 1180883
Lamp Assembly 875291
Set, Matched 1492981APK2
Computer Assembly 1493656
Sight, Optical Displ 171E840G3
Sight, Optical Displ 171E840G4
Indicator, Tilt Clea 43830-506
Reticle, Depression 701C427G1
Seal, Antenna, Wavegu 22644
Retainer, Antenna, Wa 19604
Bracket, Antenna 1120
Bracket, Base, Resolv 59720
Cover, Resolver Sync 59721
Screw Assy, Azimuth 59757
Bracket, Mounting El 65970
Feedhorn Assy Anten 65971
Plate, Feedhorn Matc 67101
Plate, Feedhorn Matc 67102
Plate, Bearing Retai 51918

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