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Aircraft Gunnery Fire Control Components - FSC 1270

Turrets, Aircraft; Computers, Specifically Designed; Complete Gyro Mechanisms.
Last Modified: Mar 31, 2020

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Mirror And Housing 5212553-3
Gyroscope, Lead Comp 223E515G1
Frame Assy, Electric 42676-501-3
Pointer Assy, Indica 701C814G1
Indicator, Sight Ass 701C818G1
Guard Assy, Power Re 65B45052
Shield, Inde, Xlamp, O 69C32508
Rack And Mount Assy MT3374ASG22
Matrix Board, Comput 7737605G1
Computer Control Pa 657694
Winder, Scale 107B7277G1
Amplifier, Frequency 42525-506-21
Gate Assembly, Error 51730-506-21
Housing And Relay A 688D524G1
Stop, Coupler 506795-1
Mount, Sight 7223466G1
Support Set Combini 688D123G1
Filter And Ring, Opt 701C999G1
Control Assy, Sight 688D297G1
Mirror Assy, Optical 107B8000G1
Rail And Glass Assy 688D503G1
Mirror And Plate As 107B8070G1
Window And Cell Ass 701C966G1
Desiccator, Sight As 701C906G1
Post, Drive And Cagi 302990
Matrix Board, Amplif 7636712G1
Matrix Board, Amplif 7636705G1
Level, Fire Control Instrument 10541609
Supportxfront 10527353
Diskxgyroscope 113B3233P1
Stopxspring 113B3822P1
Gear Sector Assembl 701C930G1
Armxcontrol, Gyro 702C447G1
Gear Sector Assembl 701C948G1
Gimbal, Gyro 688D233P1
Cartridgexheater 926C372
Cover Assembly, Gyro 701C897G1
Cover Assyxcyro 701C898G1
Supportxbearing, Gyr 701C720P1
Lightxand Braket As 688D533G1
Plate, Retaining, Spr 107B8011P1
Springxretaining, Mi 107B8012P1
Springxretaining, Mi 107B8038P1
Panelxsight 688D298P1
Panelxsight 10LP466
Traverse Gimbalxass 851D947G1
Bracket Assembly 926C881G1
Serv0mechanismxslan 657271
Serv0mechanismxpitc 660585
Shaftxeccentric, Sig 107B8014P1
Panel Assemblyxcont 702C179G1
Cam, Stop 107B8091P1
Retainer, Module 113B3088P1
Counterweight, Compu 914B381P3
Counterweight, Compu 914B381P4
Counterweight, Compu 914B381P5
Receiver-transmitter, Radar 463011-112
Flight Control Group 463083-141
Counterweight, Compu 107B7994P1
Counterweight, Compu 107B7994P3
Stopxoptical Sight 113B3199P1
Stop Assy, Optical H 107B7997G2
Cover, Module 657384
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 10543469
Control, Radar Set 463255-132
Housing Sight 171E904P1
Mirror, Housing 171E908P1
Case Computer 687D189G3
Frame Assembly 701C579G1
Bracket, Base 724C804G2
Mirror, Sight Assy 4212571-1
Amplifier-stabiliza 10527249
Support And Tie Bar 688D504G1
Shutter Subassy, Sig 688D541G1
Power Supply 10527250
Amplifier Stabilaza 10527248
Mirror And Support 701C936G1
Amplifier, Signal 40360-506-11
Control Box Subassy 440170-3
Pad, Bracket 75041
Amplifier, Sight Con 615615-101
Sighting Station, Aircraft Turret 11699310
Module, Electronic C 656535
Cam And Gear Assemb 656490
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 107B7958G1
Stop, Optical Head 107B7998G2
Gearshaft, Sector 107B8050G1
Bar, Support 113B3670P1
Glass Assy, Cobining 701C807G1
Pivot Assy, Mirror 701C748P1
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 4632
Power Supply Module 928C286G2
Plate, Gyro Filter S 49912-506
Latch Assy 7363-144
Support, Indicator 3030005
Support, Indicator 3030006
Computer Group, Ballistics Data 3078002
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 7791901
Optical Sight Assy CA505
Converter, Signal Data 464520-160

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