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Aircraft Gunnery Fire Control Components - FSC 1270

Turrets, Aircraft; Computers, Specifically Designed; Complete Gyro Mechanisms.
Last Modified: May 30, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Cover 32B1116
Guard 32D1017
Housing 32D1114
Case 32G1113
Bracket Assembly, Ba 435-17-0234
Dome, Shipping 606816
Shaft, Offset Drive 409226
Sight, Lead Computin 463069-100
Retainer Assembly, B 403403
Control Assembly, Gu 172-74042
Socket Assembly, Lam 5581159
Retainer, Plate 435-17-0198
Bracket, Mounting, Re 435-11-0130
Control, Indicator A 435-34-2001
Controller Assembly 435-39-3001-1
Cover Assembly, Ampl 101831
Cover Plate And Pin 55889311
Intervalometer, Rock B1692-1
Post, Supporting 947157-5
Retainer, Fastener S 403817
Window Assembly, Mec 107557
Socket Assembly, Tra 7010319G1
Block, Component Mou 7011003P1
Chassis, Amplifier, P 7407388G1
Shaft Assembly, Osci 7407473P13
Hat Assembly, Generator 7407810G1
Resistor And Capaci 7408990G1
Channel, Generator, P 7505039G1
Mounting, Discrimina 7604554G1
Guard And Plate Ass 809030
Prism Assembly, Elev 809119
Shaft And Casing As 809125
Gear Assembly, Anti- 809512
Gear Assembly, Spur 809515
Plate, Locking 809663
Gear Assembly, Hemis 809855
Gear Assembly, Hemis 809870
Lens Assembly, Field 810121
Lens Assembly, Objec 810128
Duct, Servo 94871
Pulley 32B2028
Pulley 32B2029
Bracket, Ballistics 408596
Hook, Hold Down, Powe 7100489P1
Control Unit Assemb 20500187-1
Sleeve, Riveting Sub 100649
Cover, Stop Assembly 93842
Support, Case 94504
Retainer, Zero Pin 98955
Plate, Limit Switch 776723-1
Support, Optical Assembly 745359-2
Yoke, Cooler Drive 733153-3
Retainer Assembly, Housing 750529-3
Cell, Optical Element 752263-2
Screen, Infrared Receiver 776728-1
Actuator-valve Assy 195143-1
Converter, Signal Data SMS23
Sight, Lead Computing, Automatic ANASG25
Optical Sight Syste ANASG26
Gimbal, Valve Assemb 728739-1
Stop, Compressor 728736-1
Target Designator System AN/ASQ153-1
Control, Target Designator Set 637R294G01
Radar Set Group ANFSQ84
Cap, Sight, Optical 928C992P2
Amplifier, Lead And Launch Comput 853D950G1
Bracket, Retaining 2-00025-999
Mount, Optical Sight 6819-177-3
Guard, Sight Reflex 10543462
Support, Cover, Optic 4212593-1
Sight Assembly, Optical 5212553-521
Reflector, Gunsight 8053-117
Filter, Lens 8024-109-1
Sheave, Gear Segment 8024-153
Plate, Mounting 440152
Resistor Module Ass 714560-801
Resistor Module Ass 714561-801
Stow Lock, Sighting 627531-1
Module, Amplifier 301465
Module, Rate Servo 301505
Module, Target Height Generator 301695
Control Assembly, Target C-8591/ASX-1
Lever, Gunsight Cont 176374
Computer, Deviated P 708920-801
Computer Subassy 714563-801
Computer Subassy 714564-801
Computer Subassy 714565-801
Combining Glass Assembly J72F0006-2
Computer, Ballistics 468146-111
Housing, Diaphragm 836862-1
Cover And Support 668309-801
Chassis Assy 717723-801
Body, Valve B3734-023
Inlet, Valve, Exhaust B3734-024
Valve, Displacer Ass B3734-080
Cam, Roller 3734-040
Retainer, Collar Sha A3734-041
Liner, Locating 1123555-1
Bushing, Azimuth Dri 1125288-1
Cap, Displacer Coole A3734-045

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