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Aircraft Gunnery Fire Control Components - FSC 1270

Turrets, Aircraft; Computers, Specifically Designed; Complete Gyro Mechanisms.
Last Modified: May 30, 2020

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Sight, Optical, Armament 215-21126-2
Plug, Torque 661065
Plate, Terminal Boar 662282
Bushing, Cursor Cont 656757
Plate, Connector 660605
Spacer, Torque 661060
Resolver And Gear A 531535-1
Reticle Subassembly 701C808G2
Counterweight, Compu 914B381P6
Counterweight, Compu 914B381P1
Counterweight, Compu 107B7994P2
Flight Data Compute 410638-1
Counterweight, Compu 914B381P2
Shaft, Optical Sight 113B3091P1
Cam, Pivot, Mirror 702C103P1
Control, Radar Set 463323-103
Shaft Assembly, Azim 571901-1
Trunnion Assembly, A 571902-1
Shaft, Knob, Gear 656488
Module, Electronic C 657257
Module, Electronic C 656575
Module, Electronic C 656735
Module, Electronic C 656595
Amplifier Module, Ra 688D523G1
Electronic Componen 656628
Mountxantenna And E 48250-506-21
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 701C945G1
Bushing, Eccentric 564A166P1
Bushing, End Bell 107B7940P1
Switch Subassembly 48908-506
Tubexnoise Generato 55319
Cablexpulley B132062
Synchronizerxsubass 51727-506-21
Gear, Spur And Pin A 656486
Gear Assy, Spur 637549
Stop, Control, Comput 656489
Spring, Stop 113B3656P1
Spring, Stop 113B3657P1
Spring, Stop 113B3665P1
Pulley, Reticle Driv 113B3721P1
Shield, Dust, Optical 569A574P1
Cover And Gasket As 688D507G2
Arm, Cam Drive 702C140P2
Retainer, Bearing 107B7981P1
Duct, Air, Thyratron 945715-506
Roller And Rocker A 113B3714P1
Shroud, Terminal Boa 45726-506
Plate Assy, Sensor 819337-1
Sight Assembly, Opti 5212553-509
Sight Assy, Optical 5212553-511
Block, Coupling, Antenna 113B4054P1
Bracket, Weight, Ante 702C489G1
Bracket, Counterweig 702C490G1
Bracket, Counterweig 702C491P1
Housing, Coils Assy 539D824P1
Arm, Adjusting 893C207P1
Support, Spring 927C621P1
Tube Subassembly, Bo 818823-1
Spacer, Cap, Sensor 818812-2
Gate, Electronic, Sub 51730-506-31
Counterbalance, Powe 113B3878P1
Counterbalance, Powe 113B3797P3
Plate, Optical Sight 927C619P1
Plate, Optical Sight 113B4052P1
Parts Kit, Fly Away 70000-893
Parts Kit, Base Supp 70004-893
Module, Power Supply 688D521G3
Computer, Armament C 43886-501
Power Supply 41005-401-31
Computer, Missile In 614D245G1
Synchronizer, Electrical 49360-506-11
Indicator, Direct Vi 50280-506
Window, Mica 403250
Window Assy, Sight O 107B7675G1
Panel, Radar Set Con 108339-1
Chassis And Compone 171E978G1
Antenna Assy, Radar 72400
Adapter, Mounting 40-115-219
Retainer, Friction L 6-75510-1
Gasket, Cover 45718-506-7
Local Oscillator An 68685
Housing And Coil As 70727
Cap, Terminal 72766
Dome Assembly 248503
Receiver-transmitter Subassembly 481723
Adapter, Impulse Noi 42065-506-11
Air Duct 45959-506-3
Power Assembly, Ligh BA2270
Electronic Assembly 785878-1
Antenna Subassembly 72400-1
Air Duct Assembly 43493-506
Control Subassembly 49224-506-21
Amplifier, Calibrating 615934-3
Housing Assembly 453583
Mount K2142-2
Cover, Computer, Miss 724C805G1
Gear-shaft, Spur 59749
Base, Mounting, Shock 1082
Lock Objective Assy 783833-1
Shroud, Terminal Boa 45726-506-5

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