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Aircraft Gunnery Fire Control Components - FSC 1270

Turrets, Aircraft; Computers, Specifically Designed; Complete Gyro Mechanisms.
Last Modified: May 31, 2020

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Bracket, Hold Down 62C44494
Housing Assembly, Dual Reticle 11010235
Receiver Subassembly, Radar 456836
Shaft, Sight Assy 929C661P1
Shutter Subassembly 852D767G2
Housing, Controller 443129
Gear, Optical Displa 107B7600G2
Filter Light B62015
Polorizer Light B62016
Socket, Relay Assy 107B7233G1
Amplifier 43800-506-71
Synchronizer 49500-506-31
Cap Assy 49606-506
Amplifier 50004-506
Amplifier 5000-7-506
Amplifier, Elevation 43770-506-31
Amplifier, Azimuth, D 43870-506-61
Holder AD127-0091-0010
Spacer 563A991P2
Retainer 46164-506-5
Plate, Mechanism 1201044-1
Plate, Front 1201043-1
Case And Fastner As 687D145G4
Drive Assy 688D182G1
Lens Assy 913B504G1
Chassis And Compone 171E478G1
Indicator 48470-506-31
Generator 49180-506
Kylstron, Power 74881
Housing, Mirror Assy 701C809G2
Holder, Shaft 113B4565P1
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 852D509G1
Filter And Ring Ass 929C951G1
Filter And Ring Ass 929C958G1
Filter And Ring Ass 929C953G1
Mirror And Support 852D758G1
Module, Amplifier 688D524G2
Adapter, Traversing 107B8032P1
Clamp And Spacer As 113B3196G1
Shutter And Hinge A 113B3603G2
Arm, Shutter Actuato 928C290P1
Shutter, Reticle 928C667G1
Kit Modification 21006-890
Kit, Modification 21007-890
Kit, Modification 21010-890
Kit, Modification 21016-890
Kit, Modification 21017-890
Kit, Modification 21018-890
Coupling And Pin As 113B4550G1
Shaft, Elevation 852D330G1
Link, Connecting, Hal 113B4418P1
Link, Connecting, Hal 113B4417P1
Bushing, Module 113B4290P1
Ball, Mirror Linkage 928C767P1
Follower, Clearance 49625-506
Reticle And Shield 928C950G1
Ball, Mirror Linkage 928C768P1
Bushing, Optical Sic 893C112P1
Weight, Sight Assy 113B3830P1
Weight, Sight Assy 113B3830P2
Disconnector 106140
Coupler, Waveguide 615607-3
Control, Calibration 49375-506
Bracket Assembly, Ad 45717-506
Gasket, Cover, Power 40396-401-19
Gasket, Cover, Comput 43786-501-29
Gasket, Cover, Comput 43786-501-23
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 10545110
Panel, Front 660681
Support, Connector 656754-1
Bracket, Waveguide 3019208
Panel, Sight 854D675P1
Block, Adjustment 10527352
Roller, Cam 2223&135
Lock Segment, Threaded 2202&135
Lock Segment, Plain 2202-134
Ball, Optical Sight 91501
Gyro, Lead Computer, Sight 14-62903-13
Display Unit, Head-up 14-62903-11
Standoff, Jack 340D855G01
Control, Armament Subsystem Assem 672E11-000
Latch Assembly 2278742-00
Plate, Mounting 526R854H01
Cover, Top 281E877G2
Retainer Assembly, Yoke 427R481H01
Retainer Assembly, Tube 526R579G01
Insulator And Connector Assembly 700024-3
Pad Assembly, Lower Crash 5582224
Case, Detector, Laser CY-7512/AAS-35V
Cover, Detector Dome 627223100-019
Pad Assembly, Upper Crash 5581521
Cover Assembly 913B774G3
Photosensor 10030778-101
Wheel Assembly, Counter EA89606-13
Support, Mirror 113D9938P1
Decoder, Command Signals 672637-107
Modulator Subassembly 633353-427
Reticle And Gear 107B7688G1
Radar Set Control 464305-183
Dome Assembly, Detector 627221205-009

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