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Aircraft Gunnery Fire Control Components - FSC 1270

Turrets, Aircraft; Computers, Specifically Designed; Complete Gyro Mechanisms.
Last Modified: May 31, 2020

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Link, Connector 135C3489P1
Stop, Mirror-azimuth 135C3721P1
Control Arm, Cam Follower 135C3723P1
Plate, Stop 107B8063P1
Gasket, Cover, Sight 701C951P2
Roller, Rocker Arm 113B3816P1
Plate, Retaining 113B3852P1
Plate, Retaining 113B3855P1
Panel, Sight-right 0010-0565-1
Cap, Retaining 701C995P1
Arm, Detent 153C5301P1
Drum, Cable 164B7985P1
Mirror And Support Assembly 135C3476G1
Link, Actuator 135C3732G1
Support And Mirror Assembly 164B8216G1
Ring, Cell Assembly, Optical 107B8071P1
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 854D852P1
Drum, Tape 153C5304P1
Pulley, Mirror Brack 164B7976P1
Yoke, Cam Follower 135C3498P1
Housing, Filter 153C5306G1
Stop, Optical 164B8223P1
Stop, Optical 164B8223P2
Cam, Optical Correction 164B8240P1
Plate, Pressure 164B8259P2
Plate, Reticle Bulb 164B8225P2
Guide, Slide 164B8265P1
Counterbalance, Opti 113B3797P10
Bracket And Fasteners 135C3397G1
Dummy Amplifier Module, Precessio 153C7060G1
Dummy Computing Module, Time Of F 153C7066G1
Sight, Lead Computing, Automatic SU-86/ASG-31
Tape, Drive 164B8218P1
Shield, Heat 135C3910G1
Ball, Mirror Linkage 135C3473P1
Cover, Sight Access 113B3629P1
Shield, Light 164B8406P1
Plate, Mounting Mirror 926C818P1
Shaft, Threaded, Adjustment 164B8222P1
Retainer Assembly, Optical 164B8617G2
Module 113D9643G2
Weight, Special Bala 113B3877P3
Mount Assembly 16VE015004-1
Jumper, Bonding 2202197-00
Controller, Turret, Armament Subsy 11830908
Crystal Oscillator 337292
Control Unit Assembly 34500-19A
Plate, Access 164B7100G1
Bracket, Special 926C882G1
Module Assembly-con 309810
Cable Assembly W3, L 315587
Cable Assembly W2 L 315588
Electrode, Hv And Gn 3506376
Power Supply 3506500
Transformer, Trigger Assembly 3506341
Clamp, Capacitor 700629
Filter And Controls Assy Group 7842263-10
Fairing Assembly, Aft 519R015G01
Fairing Assembly, Lh 626R015G02
Fairing Assembly, Rh 626R017G02
Assembly, Bus Bar 339656
Control-power Supply Group 160C145942-3
Converter Logic Unit 627214018-001
Housing, Target Position Computer 337282
Bus Bar Assembly 339643
Cover, Target Position Computer 337020-1
Retainer, Circuit Card 339618
Housing, Generator 337281
Display Unit, Head-up 231E480G3
Circulator Assembly 339184
Light, Reticle 113D8867G1
Detector, Dummy 627214700-009
Protective Cover, Dome Assembly 627223100-029
Lens, Aspheric 01LAG003
Phase Shifter 646R490G01
Power Amplifier, Com 646R559G01
Duplexer, Waveguide 583R496H01
Support Assembly 646R617G01
Support Assembly 646R896G01
Cable Assembly, Signal 583R731H01
Cable Assembly, Power 583R730H02
Bracket 90367
Cover, Skin Turret 95516
Hat Cover, Upper Forward Turret 5776
Cable Assembly, Spec 583R969H01
Plenum, Air Duct 584R026H01
Cable Harness Assy 703R649G01
Cable Assy, Set-test 292E913G1
Blade, Nose 424R657H01
Adapter, Control Detector MX-9729/AAS-35(V)
Seal, Cover 41143-401-17
Seal, Cover 41143-401-15
Plate Insulator 40331-401
Resolver Buffer Unit 646R499G01
Panel Assembly, Cont 627214307-001
Cover Assembly, Scan 634706-301
Housing Assembly, Si 634750-303
Cover Assembly, Scan 634786-1
Interface Assembly 663005-1
Bead Assy, Shielding 633562-1

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