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Aircraft Gunnery Fire Control Components - FSC 1270

Turrets, Aircraft; Computers, Specifically Designed; Complete Gyro Mechanisms.
Last Modified: May 24, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Mechanism Assembly, Right Hand 019707
Power Supply-rcvr 3065172-4
Holder, Shaft Assembly 014707
Heads Up Display Su 42000-29
Filter, Stripline 646R874G02
Isolator, Microwave 584R230H01
Optical Mechanism 019708
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 019703
Housing And Wedge, Optical 018746
Cap, Bearing Drive Motor Gimbal 633004-53
Barrier, Harness Processor 633569-3
Display Unit, Head-up 34300-29
Plate Assy, Matrix 765R601G01
Receiver Subassembly, Radar 643R795G03
Receiver Subassembly, Radar 643R799G02
Shaft-elevation 532R275G01
Bumper, Antenna 532R727H01
Pulley, Elevation Antenna 681R111G01
Tape, Antenna 532R274H01
Strip, Filler 427R088H01
Strip, Filler 427R088H02
Ring, Expansion 427R438H01
Ring, Expansion 427R078H01
Receiver Subassembly, Radar 681R036G01
Duct Assembly, Chassis 433R229G01
Target Designator Set, Electro-op 126800
Seal, Conductive 427R079H01
Camera Assembly, Fire Control 2070993-1
Heads-up Display Subassembly 019709
Chassis, Interface Electronics Un 666R112G01
Controller, Boresight 11781680
Support, Wedge, Display 229-008753
Isolator, Waveguide, Coaxial 584R016H02
Plate, Connector 532R838H01
Cover, Gear Azimuth 646R234H01
Retainer, Antenna 532R775H01
Cup-retainer 646R723H01
Servo, Pitch Repeater 163266-01-01
Housing, Transmitter 532R445H01
Housing, Zero Pin 532R281H01
Pressure Vessel Assembly 681R366G01
Detector Assembly, Peak Power 646R531G01
Cover Assembly 646R684G01
Isolator, Coaxial, Microwave M2E9200-5002
Pulser, Ground Deck 646R666G01
Core Memory Unit 6115152-4
Panel Assembly, Back, Main Store 6100419-5
Shield, Fire Control Equipment 634797-03
Desiccant Assembly 34180-9
Housing Subassembly, Optics 34464-29A
Adapter Assembly, Air 34555-9
Housing Assembly, Optics 34465-7
Yoke And Shield Assembly, Dvst 633180-351
Panel Integrally Il 4375001-1
Combiner Assembly 34522-9
Optics Assembly 34425-29
Actuator, Switch 34557-1
Power Switch Assembly 143162
Seal, Duct Base 143917
Seal, Circular 143918
Seal, Duct Exhaust 143919
Duct Assembly, Offset Bend 140974
Clamp And Bracket Assembly TA03H716H12FG
Seal, Valve 143916
Cone, Clutch 125731
Adapter, Clutch 125757
Pinion Assembly, Head Structure 140884
Coupling Assembly, Head Structure 145058
Union, Rotary, Roll 145503
Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, E 584R344H02
Fusee, Duct Assembly 143914
Block, Air 143924
Eyeshield Lock, Helm 2278799-00
Amplifier Assembly, Roll 143173
Receiver Subassembly, Radar 646R848G01
Chassis Assembly, Night Filter 34525-9
Window, Receiver Assembly 142948
Shroud Assembly, Heat Exchanger 77738108-501
Instrument Assembly 128219
Motor Assembly, Gear Box 126996L
Bar, Guide 34558-1A
Board Assembly 681R459G01
Reflector, Combining 34539-1A
Reference Source Assembly 681R317G02
Window Assembly, Turret 127056
Electronic Module Assembly, Heat 77738117-501
Pinion Assembly 126165
Heater Assembly 124627
Stop, Roll 144498
Handle, Circuit Card 125266-35
Handle, Circuit Card 125266-36
Handle, Circuit Card 125266-28
Handle, Circuit Card 125266-29
Handle, Circuit Card Assembly 125266-21
Handle, Circuit Card 125266-22
Handle, Circuit Card 125266-24
Handle, Circuit Card 125266-25
Handle, Circuit Card 125266-30
Handle, Circuit Card 125266-32
Adhesive Kit, Contrast Enhancemen 710-0132

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